What is My Secure Family (and Why Should You Care)?

My Secure Family helps parents build strong relationships with kids~early~that will make children less likely to succumb to online or other sexual dangers.

Parenting Is Hard Work

Raising kids is one of the hardest, but most important jobs, that we parents will ever do. It has never been an “easy” job to raise kids, but never has it been more difficult. In the age of technology, online dangers, and rampant pornography, we parents (grandparents, teachers) have a daunting job.

Staying Tech Savvy Is Hard for Most Parents

When we parents try to protect our kids from online dangers, it is almost impossible to “keep up” with the dangers. New apps, hidden apps, and all sorts of things pose dangers to our kids that we are often not even aware of. Because of this, we parents are often looking for someone to help us be informed, aware, and proactive in stepping up to the plate. But how do we talk to our kids about these things without building walls? 

My Secure Family Helps Parents + Kids = Team

The My Secure Family initiative was launched by Tray & Melody Lovvorn, founders of Undone Redone, as a tool for parents raising children in the world of technology. My Secure Family is a prevention and protection initiative that equips parents to protect their children from the dangers of the digital age. 

Two Moms Ask How My Secure Family Can Help

In this round table discussion, Tray, Melody, Jamie and Deanna discuss a few of the following topics.

  • Their own experiences parenting in the digital age.
  • How parents can effectively protect their kids from pornography exposure.
  • How couples that are struggling with sexual brokenness and pornography addiction can break free.
  • Why it matters to approach sexuality in a healthy way when talking to your children.

Resources for Further Help:

Undone RedoneHelps spouses through sexual brokenness.

My Secure Family~Equips parents to protect kids from online dangers.

Route 1520/ Recovery for men impacted by sexual brokenness and betrayal trauma.

Life Beyond Betrayal~Help betrayed women move toward healing and from surviving to thriving.


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