Let’s Talk About Being an Enneagram Type 3

In this episode of The SavvyCast,  Jordan Jones and Zane Tarence share what it is like being an Enneagram type 3.


talking to an enneagram 3


My husband Zane is a classic enneagram type 3. Full of energy. The life of the party. But what inner motivations are behind being a 3?

Jordan Jones, an enneagram expert and a type 3 himself, joins Zane and me to talk about enneagram type 3’s. A few takeaways. 

  • Enneagram 3’s have high energy and “live for the eyes of others.”
  • Zane shares his 3 need to feel that he has “added value” in every situation.
  • Some 3’s can be accused of being people pleasers.
  • The healing question for 3’s: Who am I when no one else is around?
  • Building lasting value and high productivity are important to Enneagram type 3’s.
  • Sabbath and rest are difficult for 3’s.


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