Why Art is the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion (+ My Recommendations)

My dear friend and incredibly talented artist Debra Hewitt shares why art is the perfect gift for any occasion. Debra’s pieces make a beautiful, personal gift for anyone and any occasion. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week I sat down with Debra Hewitt to discuss why art makes the perfect gift for any occasion. If you listened to “Let’s Talk With Debra Hewitt: My Favorite Artist,” you are already familiar with Debra and her work! Debra is one of my dearest friends and an extremely talented artist, and we discussed so many of her gorgeous pieces this week. Whether you are looking for a condolence gift, a wedding gift, or a graduation gift, Debra has a collection to suit any occasion! 

Who Is Debra Hewitt? 

A native of Oxford, Mississippi, Debra Hewitt’s foundation is deeply rooted in faith and family. She grew up surrounded by lovely homes filled with antiques and art, which instilled in her an appreciation for beautiful things and the sentiment attached to them. As a young girl, she watched her mother, a self-taught artist, find deep enjoyment in expressing her style on canvas. Self-taught like her mother, Debra began painting over 15 years ago and has never looked back. Painting faith-based art is her passion, and she truly gives God all the glory for allowing her to live out her dream. Debra resides in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband, Bobby. The Hewitts are blessed with two beautiful children, Peyton and Maggie, and a wonderful son-in-law, William, as well as two beloved Dachshunds. 

A Personal, Versatile Gift:

The gift of art makes a wonderful gift for a bridesmaid’s gift, a wedding gift, a teacher gift for back-to-school, a birthday gift, a graduation gift, an anniversary gift, a Christmas gift, and more! I LOVE to give art as gifts, because who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful piece of handmade art? Not only does Debra’s art make a FABULOUS gift for any occasion, but she also offers personalization for her pieces. She can make any piece whatever size you want, and customize it however you’d like. Debra offers virtual consultations to dream up the perfect piece for her clients. Additionally, she is happy to write any Bible verse you want on the back of a piece. 

Perks To Buying Gift Art:

  • There will not be a duplicate of that gift!  You can guarantee that someone does not already have it and that nobody else will give the exact same thing!
  • Anyone and every one no matter their age will love it.
  • There is something for any and every occasion.
  • If you have several gifts to purchase for different occasions, purchasing art can be your one-stop shop instead of going to several different places.
  • Art is such a personal gift, and will be cherished and adored for ages to come!

Pieces Mentioned in This Episode:

Watch a short video showcasing my favorite pieces!

Connect With Debra Hewitt:

Debra Hewitt Art Website: www.debrahewittart.com

Debra on Instagram:  @debrahewittart

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