Why Brows Should be a Beauty Routine Priority + Options for Making Them Beautiful


We’ve all heard that our eyebrows frame our entire face, but so many of us neglect to invest in them. This week, Jackie Robinson and Deanna Irwin of RawwBeauty join me to discuss all things brows. 

Episode At A Glance: 

This week, Jackie Robinson and Deanna Irwin join me to share the importance of well-kept brows. Jackie is the owner of RawwBeauty, a beauty studio located in downtown Homewood. RawwBeauty offers permanent makeup, a variety of brow and lash treatments, dermaplaning, and special occasion hair and makeup. Jackie and Deanna shared how transformative a brow treatment can be, what treatments they recommend, as well as their favorite brow products. 

Who Is Jackie Robinson?

After working for MAC Cosmetics, NARS, and Too Faced for almost a decade, Jackie launched Rawwbeauty in 2010 with the dream of providing high-quality one-of-a-kind makeup artistry to Alabama. After years of making her clients feel like their best selves with makeup, she wanted to expand Rawwbeauty to make her clients feel beautiful in their everyday lives. Therefore, in 2016 she added skincare, lash extensions, and permanent makeup to the list of services Rawwbeauty offers. Jackie loves being able to work with women all over the Southeast and making each client feel beautiful!

Who Is Deanna Irwin? 

Deanna graduated from Auburn University with a degree in nutrition and food science in 2007. After graduating, she worked in a salon in Montgomery, Alabama doing mineral body wraps, facials, and EB pro foot baths. During these seven years, Deanna had her three children. After becoming a mom, she wanted to document her children’s lives so she became an avid photographer. After moving to Birmingham to continue her photography career in the wedding industry, she crossed paths with Jackie. The two have become close friends over the years, and Deanna knew working with Jackie at Rawwbeauty was the best place to be. 

Questions We Answered In This Episode: 

  • Why is it important to take care of our brows? 
  • What should everyone be doing for their brows? 
  • How can shaping transform someone’s look?
  • What is brow lamination? 
  • How is lamination different from micro-needling? 
  • What brow products do you recommend? 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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