Why I am thrilled with my pellet grill and why you might want one too.


In this episode of The SavvyCast, we learn about pellet grills generally and RecTeq pellet grills specifically.

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I share why I am thrilled with my pellet grill and why you might want one too.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored by RecTeq, nor am I receiving any compensation. I am just sharing this from personal experience:-)

Why I am thrilled with my pellet grill. 

My pellet grill is the BEST purchase I’ve made in years. It has changed everything about how I cook, and I recommend a pellet grill to everyone that I know. Unless you are one who wants to stoke a fire and babysit a charcoal grill or Big Green Egg, a pellet grill is for you. It is the easiest, most user-friendly way for busy people to grill/smoke fabulous food.

Why you might want to consider a pellet grill.

  1. You are busy and don’t have time to nurse a charcoal grill or Big Green Egg.
  2. You want grilled and smoked flavor easily. A pellet grill is the easiest method to achieve this.
  3. You want to cook food outdoors to avoid heating up your kitchen.
  4. You rarely use your charcoal grill because you don’t know how or it takes too much work.

What is a pellet grill?

A pellet grill is like an outdoor smoking oven. It can reach higher temperatures (up to 500 degrees for a RecTeq) without direct fire. The temperature is maintained consistently for the duration of cooking. Here are a few things to note about a pellet grill.

  • It requires electricity.
  • The heat source is a firepot.
  • The fuel is wood pellets.
  • The hopper holds wood pellets.
  • An augur pushes pellets to the fire pot.
  • A blower maintains the fire.
  • An app operates the pellet grill from anywhere in the world. Turn on, off, adjust temp, etc….

What is a RecTeq?

The original pellet grill was invented by Traeger in the  80’s. Trager had a patent on the pellet grill until around 2008. In 2009, RecTeq and other companies began producing pellet grills. RecTeq is one of the leading producers of pellet grills with unparalleled customer service. I have a RecTeq 590, shown below, along with a short video showing the various parts of the grill.


my RecTeq pellet grill



What food is great on a pellet grill?

  • One pan meals are fabulous. You can cut up veggies, chicken or another protein…..toss in EVOO and smoke. 
  • Jody smokes vegetables for his 10-month-old and purees it for baby food.
  • Pizzas on the pellet grill are amazing. I buy Papa Murphys take and bake. Five minutes at 500 F = stone-fired pizza.
  • Salmon is FABULOUS on a pellet grill. Below is a photo of salmon that I made on my RecTeq.
the best salmon
Salmon smoked on a pellet grill.


What are grill grates?

A grill grate is an accessory that is helpful for those who want to get sear marks and caramelization on meat. Grill grates can heat to a higher temperature (up to 600). It has a flat side and a grate/grid side that you can use. You can blacken meat or fish on grill grates.

Why buy a RecTeq Pellet Grill?

Began in 2009. Wanted to bring quality grill at low price and old school service with follow-up customer service. Hand out cell phone numbers of the general manager. If you don’t feel that you are getting good customer service, you go straight to the top. Thick metal, higher temperatures, more consistent temperature than most competitors. Unparalleled customer service.

RecTeq grills are sold online only.

There is no middle man. Factory direct allows RecTeq to offer the lowest price and to monitor customer service. There is a hub in Evans, Georgia, an 80-acre facility where RecTeq is produced. Folks from all over go to Evans to learn more about RecTeq and purchase if desired. Easy delivery & shipping. RecTeq offers a 30 day guarantee.

What size RecTeq should I buy?

If in doubt, go one size larger than you think you need. Most people have only one regret where size is concerned~not buying a larger RecTeq. Zane and I have the 590, and I do wish that we had purchased the RT 700. Why? One reason is that the difference of roughly $200 is minimal, and we would have more room for one of my favorite things to put on the pellet grill~pizzas. 


How to do the first burn on a pellet grill.

When you buy a pellet grill, you will need to do a “first burn” to prepare it for cooking. This is similar to seasoning a cast-iron skillet. Do it once, and you are good to go. In the video below, I show how easy it is to do the first burn on a RecTeq pellet grill.

Resources related to this podcast.

For questions or purchases: Visit RecTeq.com or call (706) 922-0890.

Email: support@recteq.com or jody@recteq.com

Instagram: @recteq_official and @bbqdadjody

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  1. Hi Missy!!! I put mine on the grill grates, a fabulous accessory that I bought with my grill. I buy Papa Murphy’s pizza which is on fresh unbaked sought. I put on the RecTec at 500 F and let it smoke 5-10 minutes until the cheese melts. Pizza on the RecTec is FABULOUS!!!!!!

  2. Hi Jamie!
    My husband and I just got the Re-Tec Bullseye grill. We love it! I told him how you have cooked pizzas on it and would like to try that. Do you use a stone or place directly on the grill?
    Thank you!

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