Why I Tried “Faster Way to Fat Loss” and What It Did For Me

This honest review reveals why I tried “Faster Way to Fat Loss,” what it did for me, and why I think it can benefit anyone who takes it.

Why I Tried Faster Way to Fat Loss and What It Did For Me


Update: It is January of 2021, and I am updating this post to let you know that Faster Way is new, improved, and much more user-friendly than it was when I wrote this original post. To sign up for the new and improved program, visit Faster Way to Fat Loss for details.

Full disclosure: I am 53 and smack dab in the middle of menopause.  Prior to midlife, “staying fit” was mostly about trying to stay thin. Now that I am older and wiser, staying fit it is about so much more than weight. 

Of course I want to look as good as possible~don’t we all? But equally important is being healthy. Strong.  Energized. I want to finish the second half of life looking and feeling my best, and being strong and well for myself and my loved ones.

What about all the yummy (but unhealthy) recipes on my blog?  Yes, I am a Southern gal; cooking and entertaining are part of my DNA and will be on our family table for holidays and other special occasions.

But because my family eats pretty much what I cook, and because I am sold on the FWTFL lifestyle, this is what I try to implement in our home on routine days. And thankfully, NO ONE complains or feels that they are missing out. Yay!!!

Why I Tried Faster Way to Fat Loss and What It Did For Me

Why I Joined Faster Way to Fat Loss

  • My BMI (body mass index) tested high at a physical several months earlier. My doctor told me that despite my normal weight range, my body fat was tipping into the high range and needed to be reduced to normal.
  • Belly fat was a problem for me. Although lean, I had 5-6 pounds on my belly that would not budge no matter what.
  • Intermittent Fasting (IF) was all the buzz; I wanted to see for myself. After voracious reading (see 3 of my books below), I was convinced that IF was a good thing, but I wanted to try it in real life and with a certified FWTFL coach.
  • My entire family needed a diet “reset.”  We were all kind of still living on the holiday train~eating whatever whenever for the most part. I wanted to do a diet/lifestyle shift that I could use for the whole family.
  • Having a coach, a system, and a program is how I learn best. I knew this would be the best return on investment for the time and money spent.
  • Bang for the buck.  For (less than) the cost of a month’s gym membership, I would get 6-weeks of fully detailed outlines, guides, and an online community and certified FWTFL coach every step of the way.

What Faster Way to Fat Loss Did For Me

  1. I watched my belly fat disappear.  This happened in the first two weeks, and this alone made the course worth it. Trust me; I had tried everything prior to this and to no avail.
  2. I became mindful of food. I learned about macros (which are good and something we all need). My Fitness Pal became a valuable tool (rather than an annoyance). 
  3. I was pleasantly surprised about portions. Interestingly, many of us in my FWTFL group were not eating enough. Our certified coach taught us how to make sure we were eating enough (at the right time, of course).
  4. I adapted quickly to intermittent fasting, which I plan to practice to some (to some degree) for the rest of my life.
  5. It recalibrated my cravings. During the program, while avoiding my kryptonite foods (pasta and bread), I began to crave and love healthy foods and add them to my meal rotation (i.e. Spicy turkey meatballs with lemon zoodles).
  6. It helped me establish a healthy routine for normal days so that I will be free to indulge on special occasions and holidays.

What exactly is Faster Way to Fat Loss?

Faster Way to Fat Loss is comprised of 3 key components: intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and counting macros.  These concepts were new to me, but now that I have been through FWTFL, I can break them down easily.

What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting may sound difficult, but for me, it is one of the easiest parts of FWTFL. Think of it as “short term” fasting as opposed to “long term” fasting (as in 24 hours or more). Intermittent fasting is simply an eating schedule (or scheduled eating). I like to refer to IF as having 2 windows~the feasting window and the fasting window. Fasting is typically 16 hours; feasting is 8 hours.

 Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is basically rotating or assigning certain days to eat carbs. Some days you eat carbs; other days you eat few(er) carbs. On low-carb days, you’ll eat a small number of net carbs. (Net carbs are total carbs minus grams of fiber.) On regular carb days, you not only “can” eat more carbs, you actually “should” eat MORE healthy carbs and other macros. It is easy to understand after a few days into the FWTFL program.

What is Counting Macros?

Macros are nutrients that our bodies need to thrive and survive: protein, fats, and carbs. FWTFL is about getting ENOUGH of these nutrients, which calls for logging/counting them during the program. My Fitness Pal is the easiest and best way to do this.

Tips for Making the Most of FWFL

  • Don’t skip prep week. I did and was on the struggle bus at first. Prep week gets you all prepared to hit the ground running on Day 1 of the program. You set up/learn My Fitness Pal, join the private Facebook group, learn the terms (macros, carb cycling, etc…).
  • Set reminders to track/log all the information. I would forget to enter a meal in My Fitness Pal and have to go back and log an earlier meal. Sticky notes helped me remember until I got in the swing.
  • Learn the whole system, and keep what works for you. I benefitted from learning about all 3 aspects of FWFL, but intermittent fasting is what I’ll stick with for the long haul (along with a “loose” version of carb cycling.
  • Choose the best coach for you.  My coach Deanna was perfect for me~similar in age and dedicated to a lifestyle of health and wellness. Make sure your coach is someone who will be easy for you to connect with and learn from throughout the program.

Q & A on Faster Way to Fat Loss 

Do you have to log everything you eat in My Fitness Pal for 6 weeks?

  • For optimal and quicker results, yes. BUT….many folks (myself included) eat the same foods daily for certain meals; this is easily stored in My Fitness Pal and can just be “updated” each time.  Also, after a few weeks, most folks click into “intuitive eating” where logging into MFP is not as necessary. 

Are low carb days back to back or spread out during the week?

  • Low carb days are Mondays & Tuesdays.
  • Regular macro days are Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
  • Low macro days are Fridays & Sundays.

Can you rearrange/switch low carb and macro days on FWTFL to suit your schedule?

Although it is best to follow the plan as closely as possible, my coach Deanna said that you can switch days to suit your schedule if/when necessary.

Can you choose the fasting window that works best for you?

If you want to change the typical fasting window from 8 pm. to noon the next day, that is fine!!! In fact, my fasting window is usually 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. (unless we have special dinner plans on a certain day).

Do you count calories and are meal times strictly within a schedule?

  • You do not count calories in FWFL; you count macros (fats, proteins & carbs). Each person’s macros will be different based on body factors, goals, etc….
  • The fasting and feasting windows are important but the start and stop times can be adjusted.

Is FWFL dairy and gluten-free?

  • Optimal results will come from restricting dairy and gluten during the program. I did not totally eliminate these; my results were good (but we all have different body types).
  • Deanna reports that many of her students discover issues with gluten and /or dairy after eliminating them and upon adding them back after several weeks.

What are the best foods to eat on the FWTFL lifestyle?

This is easy to remember. On the FWTFL lifestyle, you can eat anything that came from the ground or has a mother! This means Whole Foods~healthy, fresh, nutritious, unprocessed good for you foods.

What are some healthy recipes that fit into the FWTFL lifestyle?

If you want to see recipes from the FWTFL site itself, click here to see options. Below are some of my personal recipes along with a video in which I share some easy weeknight options for FWTFL meals.

What are some healthy snacks that fit into the FWTFL lifestyle?

There are many healthy snacks that fit into the FWTFL lifestyle. Deanna and I discuss some of our favorites in the video below.

Can men take FWTFL?

Yes, they can! Click here to register yourself or someone else in a FWTFL men’s group.

Can I take FWTFL again? 

Yes, you can! If you have taken the course before, click here to register again as a VIP and get a discounted rate.

Faster Way to Fat Loss® is not a fad. Or a diet. Or a quick fix. FWFL is a LIFESTYLE. FWFL is about eating the right food, at the right time, and for the right reason. In the video below, I share some of my favorite easy low carb meals that I cook for my family as we all practice the FWTFL lifestyle.

Just like a gym membership, you’ll get out of this what you put into it.  I have never embraced something as easily and happily as the FWTFL lifestyle. My version of it, along with my favorite exercise (reformer Pilates) and walking, keeps me where I want to be. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments of the post. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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  1. This was so helpful!! I am 44 and seem to be “weight loss resistant”. It is so frustrating! You mentioned getting the “right” coach- how do I do that? I too am Southern, social, entertain alot and so I need someone to help me make that lifestyle work. Would love any advice on how to be matched with the best coach for me. Thank you in advance.

  2. HiCarla!

    I just tried all the recipe links, and they worked just fine for me! In those links, there are many options that are not turkey!! The app does have a variety of exercises! I hope this helps!!

  3. Hi
    I have been following Ann Schulte and stumbled across your blog whilst researching FWFL.
    Two questions
    1. I am in Australia and we don’t have access to turkey until around Christmas time plus I’m not a big fan of it. What alternatives are there as I see on your recipes there is a LOT of turkey!
    2. You don’t write a lot about the exercise component. Are there loads of workouts to choose from? I have injured myself during HIIT classes before so want to stay away from this type of exercise. Walking and Pilates are more my style.
    3. The link to the recipes is not working.
    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it whilst I decide if this program is for me.

  4. Hi Heather – So happy to hear that this inforamtion could be helpful to you! I hope it all goes well!

  5. I have been considering this program and your review helped me make a decision. Thanks very much,

  6. Hi Ann!! I am not an authority on exercise, but I try to do weights at least twice a week and walk 3+ miles twice a week. Everyone is different, though, so I suggest talking with someone who knows your specific needs. Hope this helps!

  7. Do you have to do workouts with weights or would walking 3 miles a day be enough?

  8. Hi Erin,

    Regular macro is your carb goal or yes high carb. Low carb is 50 net grams or lower unless you are a man, pregnant or nursing. And low macro is 25% lower macros. So you would lower your fats by 25%, proteins 25% and carbs 25%. In our app we have a macro calculator for each day.

  9. Hi! I’m wondering what the difference is between low carb day, regular macro and low macro…is regular macro like a high carb day?

  10. Hi, I did have coffee. I used my Nespresso machine and added a little Nutpods. The nespresso made a froth that made cream not so necessary:-)

  11. On Faster Way, how do you do your coffee in the morning while fasting? What do you put in it?

  12. Hi Martha, thank you so much for your sweet words! I am so happy you love the chicken. I am also glad you find the tips helpful…and the gift guides, etc…..I will definitely try to keep the content coming. Blessings to you my friend!!!!XoXo

  13. Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for your baked chicken breast recipe – it is perfect!!! I slice mine and keep it in the fridge (with the cooking juices) and pop them in the oven to heat for lunch/dinner. I did brine the chicken breast for 30 minutes before baking. Again, thank you so much – this is how I will cook chicken going forward!
    By the way, I love your website – so many helpful tips. I really enjoy your gift guide, keep posting your jewelry, clothes, and shoes!

  14. Hi Susan! Great question. I did not need to lose much weight, mainly body fat; however, I lost 4-5 pounds during my session. It is very dependent upon each individual as to what she will lose. I hope this helps!!! XoXo

  15. I am interested but I also want to lose weight. I get that the scale is not involved in the program. I cat find a post that says how much weight was lost in the first cycle??

  16. Hi Jenn! Congrats on completing round one and for seeing good results!!! I just posted https://www.familysavvy.com/this-is-how-faster-way-to-fat-loss-has-improved-my-health/; I share blood work from last year compared to this year. You might want to check it out!

    For maintaining, no, you do not do the 2 low macro days. I recommend that you take one follow up course like I did. It was VIP when I took it; it is now called membership. It gives all the details about how to live the lifestyle from here on out. Here is a link if you need one…
    https://www.fasterwaycoach.com/womens-vip#familysavvy Let me hear how things go! Blessings to you!! XoXo

  17. I’ve completed one round and have been happy with the results but am wondering if/how the schedule changes while maintaining ? ie: do we still do low macro days 2ce a week?

  18. I enjoyed your post about FWTFL. Thank you for your honesty! I have a couple of questions–For the carb cycling, was it easy to implement throughout the week as different events and things happened? Or say your in places you don’t have control over the types of food, what did you do?

    Also, how do you transition post the 6 weeks period? Are you still carb cycling after you’re done? It sounds like you’re still IF. What makes this long term and sustainable?

  19. Love this review!! I’m excited to give FWTFL a try! I start Dec 31! You’re such an inspiration!! XO

  20. Robin, you might even try experimenting with IF during the next month. Try to go first 12 hours fasting then work up to 15 or 16. Maybe just do this a few days a week at first. See how that goes, and then you will have an idea of whether to go full force. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  21. That helps – knowing that I wouldn’t have to follow the exercises exactly. I did an Internet search of this plan and there were several bloggers who were praising the plan – all saying basically the same thing. I went to the site and looked at the results. Most of the ladies looked thin to begin with (like you!), but just got more toned after the first round. They had very few who were larger sized. Hopefully it works well for those with more weight to lose! I’ll look into it further after I return from my trip (next month). Thanks, again for taking time to provide your input.

  22. Robin, I am not qualified to give medical advice, but I will say that I did not follow the prescribed exercises but still lost weight and gained the knowledge to stay on a good eating plan. I did my favorite exercise~Pilates~which is low impact. I suggest you consider reaching out to Deanna (my FWFL coach) to see if there are options for those who can’t do the vigorous exercises. Let me know what you decide!

  23. Thanks, Jamie. That’s great! I have 10-15 to lose, plus very much needed toning. I’m nearing 64 and wonder if the exercises are doable for me. I’m not allowed to run or jump due to a total hip replacement. What do you think are my chances?!! Appreciate your information.

  24. Hi Robin! I did the 6 week program but “tapered off” after week 4 because I found my groove swing and didn’t have to keep doing daily log ins. I’ve lost about 5 pounds (which was my goal), and I do the IF (6pm to 9am) about 5 days a week. I feel better, and we eat so much cleaner and healthier now. The carbs that once loaded the pantry are almost non-existent. The program was just a great “reset” for me, which of course trickled down to my family. As goes Mama, so goes the fam:-)

  25. Thanks for the info on this IF plan. What have been your results and how long have you been doing it? I won’t be able to join the next one on Oct 22/29, so I guess I’d have to wait another six weeks? That’s a bummer!

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