Let's Talk with Drs. Clinton and Pierce of Reveal Beauty

Topics Discussed in this Podcast  

  • The one procedure that is the “biggest bang for the buck.  
  • The one thing both doctors recommend for women to “add on” while they are having surgery. 
  • The truth about neck lifts.  
  • The best laser for the face if you are ok with down time.  
  • How the Infini works to tighten skin.  
  • How the CO2 laser and the Infini are different and how they can be combined for best results. 
  • How to determine if insurance will pay for a breast reduction.  
  • The breast surgery that has the highest rate of patient satisfaction.  
  • The truth about post breast surgery nipple sensation and breast feeding.  
  • The doctors’ opinion on “tubeless” tummy tucks.  
  • What is involved in a tummy tuck.  
  • How long compression garments are worn after a tummy tuck.  
  • What about women who don’t want to look like they’ve had a facelift?  
  • The type of patient that is the best fit for Dr. Clinton and Dr. Pearce.  

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