Skin Tags (In Awkward Places)


Dr. Jo Herzog answers the following question from a Family Savvy reader.

Hi Dr. Herzog,

I have several skin tags that bother me and that I want to have removed, but they are in very awkward places. Frankly, I am afraid that removing them in these areas will be especially painful. Can you advise me?

Thanks for all of your columns; I read every one of them! If I lived in Birmingham, you would definitely be my dermatologist!

Rachel in Nashville, TN

Dr. Jo Herzog

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoy my Family Savvy questions and answers.

Yes, skin tags can occur in some very sensitive places; however, rest assured that removing them is not very painful. Some can be quickly snipped off with no anesthesia, but for those in more sensitive areas, a topical anesthetic can be used. Sometimes a tiny injection can be done before removing each one.

I personally think that skin tags appearing around the neck hurt less with just a quick snip, while the more tender areas do better with some numbing cream. If the skin tags are very large, then I recommend an injection first.

All in all, the whole thing doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The process will be easier than you think.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Jo

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