How to Make the Best Strawberry Brownies Ever (from Cake Mix)

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People literally RAVE over these moist, decadent strawberry brownies that are easy to make from a cake mix. You must give these a try!!!

How to Make the Best Strawberry Brownies Ever (from Cake Mix)


This Strawberry Brownies Recipe Has Been Pinned Millions of Times

This strawberry brownies recipe is one of the most popular recipes on Family Savvy, and for good reason. These strawberry brownies are not only lovely enough to feature on a party table, but they are also absolutely delicious.

How to Make the Best Strawberry Brownies Ever (from Cake Mix)


What is so great about this strawberry brownies recipe?

This strawberry brownies recipe hits it out of the park in 3 areas. They are EASY to make, DELICIOUS to eat, and BEAUTIFUL on a plate. What more could anyone want in a recipe? Easy. Yummy. Pretty. This is a triple winner of a recipe for sure!!!

Where do you serve strawberry brownies?

These strawberry brownies are a perfect “special occasions” dessert. They fall into the category of petit fours, decorated cookies, etc… These are perfect to serve at a baby or bridal shower or tea. They are also great to serve for game day picnics or parties. Don’t worry that the “pink” might make guys hesitant to try them. Guys love these brownies as much as girls do!!!!

strawberry brownies

How do you make brownies from a cake mix? 

The simple ingredients for making brownies from cake mix is as follows:

  • 1 box of cake mix (without pudding in the mix)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 1/2-1 tsp extract (optional)

The above formula can be tweaked. You can use different flavors of cake mix for an entirely different result. If you are a lemon lover, try these lemon brownies made with cake mix (the first cousin to this recipe).

How do you make the glaze for cake mix brownies?

You can glaze these brownies for added flavor and a lovely exterior. My go-to glaze is as follows:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1-2 TB water (or fresh lemon juice or lime juice)

Note: These brownies are very sweet, so I always make my glaze with fresh lemon juice to offset the sweetness.  Watch how easy it is to make the glaze in the short video below.

Strawberry Brownies

Can you freeze strawberry brownies?

Strawberry brownies freeze beautifully.  If making and taking these to an event, I usually bake them, cut them into squares, and freeze them for up to four weeks. On the day of serving, I let them thaw in the freezer bag (opened) for a few hours before arranging on a small platter. Some condensation might appear during thawing, but it should “dry up” within a few hours.

Strawberry brownie batter is very thick.

Be aware that the brownie batter is VERY thick. You will need a good spatula to remove the batter from the bowl and spread it into the baking pan.  To spread the batter into the pan, I spray my hands and use them, or I use a sturdy spatula. Be sure you have a strong mixer. A stand mixer is ideal, but a good quality hand mixer should work also.

Remove brownies from the pan before glazing.

I like to remove the entire pan of brownies from the pan after baking them and before glazing them. Why? I just think it is easier to cut them outside of the pan.  Also, I typically cut off the outer edges, as they sometimes get browner than the rest of the brownies.  If you want to remove the entire pan of baked brownies at one time, here are a few tips.

  • Spray the baking pan liberally with floured cooking spray (Baker’s Joy).
  • Line the baking sheet with parchment paper on the bottom.
  • Put the cooked brownies into the fridge to cool.
  • Turn the pan upside down after brownies are cool; the entire pan should fall out neatly.

How to make sure brownies cook properly.

Since oven temps can vary based on many factors, it is important to do two things to ensure that the brownies cook on the inside but do not bake too long and become dry. First, watch the brownies as they bake. When the top starts getting cracks and the sides begin to pull away from the pan, do the toothpick test. Second, use the toothpick test. Brownies are “done” on the inside when a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

In the short video below, you can see how easy it is to glaze the brownies once they are pulled from the oven.

Update: I just published the “cousin” recipe to these brownies~Sensational Strawberry Bundt Cake with Lemon Glaze. I’ve made this cake twice in the last week; folks go crazy over it! If you have any need to take a dessert to a gathering, this is a foolproof, easy, beautiful, and delicious option. 

If you want even more fabulous strawberry recipes, I’ve listed some of my most popular ones below.

If you try these, please let me hear back. Feel free to share any helpful tips or suggestions as well.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!

Strawberry Brownies

Strawberry Brownies

Yield: 10-12
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

The prettiest and yummiest dessert you will ever make from a cake mix!


  • 1 box strawberry cake mix (see notes)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 -2 TB water or lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Line 8" or 9" square baking pan with parchment; spray with flour spray.
  3. Mix strawberry cake mix, eggs, and oil with hand mixer until well combined.
  4. Spread batter evenly into pan.
  5. Bake for 15 minutes or until just set; be careful not to overcook.
  6. Allow brownies to cool for 10 minutes; lift carefully from pan using ends of parchment to lift.
  7. Mix powdered sugar with the water or lemon juice (and extract if using) until smooth. It should be pourable but not watery.
  8. Pour glaze over brownies, spreading to edges so that glaze will drip down sides.
  9. Allow brownies to cool and glaze to set before cutting into squares.


Duncan Hines is my fave cake mix.

8" pans yield thicker brownies; 9" pans yield thinner ones.

Batter will be very thick; use a good mixer to mix and spatula to spread.

Refrigerate baked and glazed brownies for an hour or so before cutting, and they will cut easier.

Nutrition Information
Yield 16 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 128Total Fat 7gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 5gCholesterol 31mgSodium 47mgCarbohydrates 14gFiber 0gSugar 12gProtein 2g

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  1. Hi, Did use 8” or 9” pan and what brand pan did you use ?
    What Type of Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake Mix Did You Buy ? There are several types in store.
    Do you have a Video On How You Made The Strawberry Brownies, I’m More Of A Visual Learner ?

  2. This recipe is so easy & delicious! I have made it numerous times. I always get compliments when I take it to family or church events. Today I’m making this recipe with a lemon cake mix and fresh lemon juice in the glaze. I’ll be taking it to a church picnic.
    I’ve made it with several different flavors, including the strawberry as well as chocolate cake mix.

  3. One more thing- for those who don’t like the super sweetness. Try adding fresh berries on top after they’re cooled. This cuts the sweetness a lot plus then you’re getting the added goodness of fruit.
    They do come out with a brownie consistency not cake-like at all. I think if you wanted them to be fluffy (more cake like) you could use two egg whites and one whole egg. Or for a thicker richer version omit the whites and use only the yolks. This recipe is versatile and most substitutions still make a delicious end product. Last comment I promise!

  4. I love, love, LOVE these brownies! Can’t seem to make enough- no matter how many batches there are. Fam loves them and I like making them. They’re too easy to be this good. Bonus: this works with most flavors of cake mix. Sometimes we do banana, sometimes chocolate, or even the plain yellow cake ones are just as good. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will use it FOREVER!

  5. Hi Julie, everyone may have a different outcome based on oven temp, cooking time, and other variables. When I make these, mine turn out dense and moist inside and with a flaky crust on the outside. They remind me of a dense Krispy Kreme cake doughnut (if that makes sense)!

  6. Do these really have brownie consistency, or are they just cake squares? I don’t bake with cake mixes so don’t know if some of your added ingredients give them a true brownie-like consistency. And if they are like brownies, are they more dense and chewy or cakey? They look delish and I like the idea of glazing with dark chocolate.

  7. What can I use in the glaze besides water or lemon juice? My boyfriend is allergic to acidic fruits. Thanks

  8. My boyfriend absolutely loves anything strawberry. These look amazing and cannot wait to try them. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Becky, yes they are sweet. Did you do water or lemon juice in the glaze? If you want to cut the sweet, the fresh lemon juice does so perfectly. If using the water, it is sweet (reminds me of a Krispy Kreme).

  10. I followed the recipe exactly but they were EXTREMELY sweet….so sweet that after a couple of small bites by my husband and myself we had to throw them away ☹️

  11. Hi Josie, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the brownies. They are definitely sweet. You can make a glaze with fresh lemon juice; that cuts the sweetness and adds a bit of tart. You can also omit the glaze altogether if you find them too sweet for your palate. XoXo

  12. Hi Jamie. Thank you for this recipe. I made these brownies exactly as described, and while they weren’t altogether bad they were cloyingly sweet. I felt sick after eating one. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe to anyone who doesn’t like extreme sweetness.

  13. Hi Kalene, I think you should be fine! I’ve heard from several people who have used it with good results. Please leave us a comment and share how it turns out for you!!!

  14. Hi Kalene!

    I think you will be fine using the mix. Several people have shared that they used it with good results! Please let me know how yours turns out. XoXo

  15. Hi Jodi, I hate they didn’t turn out. The temperature may be on the high side in your oven, so you might reduce by 25 degrees. You could also lay foil loosely over them for the first 5 minutes and uncover the rest. The top should never brown. It should get tiny cracks and start pulling away from the side of the pan. When they don’t “jiggle” when you shake them, pull them out. Hope this helps!!!

  16. I don’t know what I did wrong but this recipe was a disaster. The top started turning brown and so I thought it was overdone. However, the middle was not done at all. Ended up throwing the whole batch out.

  17. Lisa, I don’t see why not!!! It actually would be a great balance to the sweet flavor of the brownies. If you try it, please leave a comment for us as to how it turns out!!!

  18. The red velvet brownies came out delicious ! Hopefully next time I will get the strawberry mix and try it . I’ve used it in the past for another recipe . Thank you!

  19. Hi Debbie; I just saw this so sorry!!! I just leave them on a plate loosely covered with parchment paper. You can also refrigerate them; let sit at room temp at least an hour though before serving. XoXo

  20. How do you store the brownies with the icing ? I made them tonight for tomorrow. Should I put them in the fridge ?

  21. I see that the brownies should be refrigerated before cutting but where should they be stored if made the night before ? I used red velvet cake mix because the store did not have strawberry mix .

  22. Hi Mendie! So so happy these turned out well for you!!!! They are ridiculously easy to be so yummy! Thank you for taking time to leave feedback!!! Blessings to you!!

  23. Just made these and ohh my lawd are they amazing!! Used the square brownie pan from pampered chef and cooked for 15 mins and they were perfect! The glaze is amazing and tops it off perfectly! Well done!

  24. Hi Rebecca, I am so glad you asked. I am actually not sure that pudding in the mix will affect the final product. I have just used regular cake mix and can’t promise good results with the other. If you make them with cake mix with pudding, please let us know how they turn out. This might put the issue to rest:-)

  25. Why not the kind with pudding in the mix? I’m going to attempt it anyway as it is the kind I have. …….
    Reminds me of the cookies from cake mix. Excited. I made lemon brownies from scratch other Day soooo good. Id these are close so much easier !

  26. They were so wonderful. I am really looking forward to making them again for Easter! Thanks again.

  27. Hi Chrissy!! I want to hear what you think once you make these!!! And I’ve had cake mix cookies too that were FAB!! Thanks for leaving a comment. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!! XoXo

  28. Trying these now:) I’ve made cookies in a recipe similar to this. Great quick dessert with cake mix. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  29. April, I am so sorry!!!! Most often they are dry because they were cooked too long or not enough oil was added? If this wasn’t the case, maybe the pan size for the double portion made it that way? I hope you try them again, maybe a single recipe. See if this makes a difference. But pull them out of the oven just as cracks begin to form on the surface and they look “set.” I hope this helps!!! Let me know!!!

  30. When you said the mix was “thick”, you weren’t lying. I felt like it turned into the consistency of chewed bubblegum. I just put it in the oven and I’m praying they turn out.

  31. Hi Jason! It can; I’ve made a double batch several times. Just watch the brownies and adjust cook time accordingly. It may take 5-10 minutes longer to bake them. Remove them when cracks begin to form on top and edges begin to pull away from sides of dish.I hope you enjoy them!!!

  32. Can the recipe be doubled and put into a large Pyrex dish to make a larger batch at once ?

    thank you

  33. Oh Kelly, gingergread sounds FAB! I’ve not seen gingerbread cake mix but will definitely look for it. Please let us hear how the final product turns out! Thanks for reaching out!!! XoXo

  34. I just attempted this recipe for Thanksgiving tomorrow using a gingerbread cake mix! Omg my house smells devine so I can only imagine how they will taste!

  35. Hi Nell, sorry for the confusion. No, simply make the recipe as I have it written, adding the ingredients in a bowl and making per my recipe. The only thing you need from the cake mix is the mix itself~not the recipe on the box. Does that make sense? And I have not made a GF version of this. I would love to hear how it turns out, though, so please leave feedback!

  36. So you mix the cake mix entirely with the instructions on the box AND THEN add the additional ingredients?

    Also will this work for gluten free mix? I’ve got a gluten allergy so would be trying a GF box mix.

  37. Hi Judith! I’ve used white chocolate chips but found it cloyingly sweet. But semi sweet chocolate chips might work! And I’ve never added strawberries, but you might read the comments to see if anyone else has. Let me know how yours turn out!! XoXo

  38. I used betty crocker with pudding in the mix and it was actually fine and really tasty everybody loves them!!

  39. Thanks for the recipe. I plan to use it for my adult daughter’s birthday, Thanks again

  40. Hi Dana, sorry they were dry. Try reducing the oven 25 degrees. Make sure you add enough wet ingredients and use the correct size pan. Remove from the oven when you start seeing cracks appear around the edges and the batter doesn’t “jiggle” when you shake the pan. If you try again, let me know how they turn out. Xoxo

  41. Hi Susan! I think you might want to try the brownies “as is” first to get an idea of how they taste. They are really sweet, and I personally don’t think preserves would be a good idea. But please let me know if you try it and if so, what you think!!! XoXo

  42. Jasmine, that is GREAT info for us all to have; thank you SO much for sharing this!!! And yes, when you make the other way, please give us the side by side results!!! Blessings to you!! XoXo

  43. Update:

    Made the recipe with a mix with pudding added. They came out great! I’ll have to try the recipe again with a regular box mix just to compare results for myself but very happy with the way this turned out. Very yummy, can’t wait to make again!

  44. Hi Jasmine! I actually haven’t made them with the pudding mixes, so I can’t say for sure. They could possibly make them more moist or affect the consistency, but I think you are probably fine. If you make them, please let me know how they turn out!!! XoXo

  45. Hi, I haven’t made this recipe yet but was looking forward to. I asked my husband to buy the box mix for me and he got one with pudding added. Before I make another trip to the store I wanted to ask why the mix has to not have pudding added? How will it affect the end product?


  46. I recommend mixing by hand. The batter is WAY to thick. And the results are the same. Using a mixer is a hot mess

  47. Hi Yvonne! I actually only use stevia for my coffee. You should be able to substitute Splenda cup for cup but I hate to advise since I’ve not done it. And the cake mix also has sugar in it as well. I am so sorry that I am not more help, my friend! My dad is diabetic, and I know it is tough. Please let me know if you figure out something that works for you. Blessings!!! XoXo

  48. Can you use Stevia instead of the real sugar this recipe takes? I am a complete diabetic with lots of insulin in my life! If you can use Stevia; how much would it take? Thank you!

  49. Hi Libby! I’ve seen the non-stick. The one that I wish was still available is parchment one side foil the other. That was the BEST, but I don’t think it is sold any more. Thank you for sharing!!! XoXo

  50. Hi! Yes, they DO sell non-stick Reynolds aluminum foil at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, & Dollar General!

  51. Hi Jeanna, I’ve never made them in a mini muffin pan, but I think you would need to watch them after 5 minutes……When they firm up and start to crack at the edges, take them out. Let us know how they turn out!

  52. I would like to make these strawberry brownies in a mini muffin Pan. Can anyone tied me how long they would need to bake please.

  53. Hi Maya,I hate yours didn’t turn out. I think that the top rack cooked the top quickly and left the middle undone. I’d use the middle rack. Also, I suggest using a pyrex glass dish or an aluminum baking dish. They are made to distribute heat evenly for baked goods. Please let me know how those changes affect the outcome. Good luck; you will love them when they turn out right!!! XoXo

  54. hi, i tried this recipe earlier tonight, followed it exactly and even used the same exact cake mix. i believe the only difference was i put it on the top rack in a disposable aluminum pan (parchment and pam) but it didnt cook through at all. only the top was cooked and cracked a bunch. but if i pushed down batter came through. any idea on what went wrong?

  55. Hi Wilma, if you would like to receive Family Savvy updates in your email, there is a place on the front page to subscribe. Just enter your email:-) As for the recipe, there is a print button on it that you can choose to print a copy. Or save to Pinterest:-) Hope you enjoy!

  56. Robin, this is awesome; thank you so much for sharing!!! This makes me want to try your healthier version. I just didn’t want them to be dry. Appreciate your helpful feedback!! XoXo

  57. I made them with apple sauce and 3 egg white instead of oil and whole eggs came out awesome, I also make my chocolate brownies with egg whites and apple sauce awesome too

  58. Hi Helen!!! Great question. Glaze made with water (and vanilla or almond extract) will be mostly just super sweet~think Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze:-) Glaze made with lemon juice (fresh squeezed) will be tart/sweet. I LOVE the lemon because it offsets the sweetness of the brownies, but some prefer the other. Let me know how you like these; they are FAB!!! XoXo

  59. I cant wait to try this recipe. I think there would be a huge difference in what liquid you choose for the glaze. Could you explain the lemon.? Is it tart?

  60. Hi Debbie; that is a great question. I’ve never made that substitution. I would try maybe half oil, half applesauce and see if that turns out well. The best flavor and texture, however, will be all oil. (This is why I make these and occasional treat:-). Let me know how yours turn out!

  61. Rico, I am so glad to hear this!!! I’ll need to edit my post so that I don’t discourage using the pudding cake mix. I am so glad you shared; thank you!!!!

  62. They turned out perfect! Thank you for the recipe and for answering my question so quickly.

  63. Hi Rico, I don’t think it is a deal breaker. The main recipe that I advise against pudding in the mix are my bundt cakes. The brownies should be fine. Would you let me know how yours turn out? They will probably just be more moist and/or cake like than the ones without pudding. But they should still be tasty!!!!

  64. I accidentally bought cake mix with pudding! Is that a complete no no or can I adjust something to make it work?

  65. Hi Sherry!You can double the recipe for sure. I think a 9 x 13 would work; the brownies will be thicker though (and probably more cavelike). A 13 x 11 might be a bit better. Either way, they should be fine. I’d love to know how they turn out!!! XoXo

  66. Hi Kim! There isn’t any milk called for in the recipe (unless you use it for the glaze). I’ve never tried chopped fresh strawberries but would LOVE to hear from you if you do! We would all love to find out, so post a comment if you try it. XoXo

  67. Made for our 4th of July party. Had to use my pellet grill to cook. They look amazing! Will get to try them tomorrow. (The batter was awesome)

  68. Hi Felicia! I know these will be a hit at Cake Friday! Let me know what you think when you taste them! Fresh strawberries on top sounds yummy!!!

  69. I haven’t tried them yet but this recipe was so easy. I made them for Cake Friday and tomorrow morning I will top them with fresh sliced strawberries. I think these will be a hit. Thanks for the recipe!

  70. these sound delish. I am gonna make these for a luncheon today! hope they turn out! :)

  71. Hi Katherine, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble. If you followed the recipe exactly and the batter was indeed thick, then the only things I can think of are as follows. 1) Did you use an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 pan? 2) Did you place the brownies on a center rack in a preheated 350 F oven? 3) Did you make sure not to leave oven door open for too long and let temperature drop (which adds more cooking time)? Let me know if any of these might be the issue. I hope you’ll keep trying; these are really yummy when they turn out well!

  72. I tried 15 min but it’s been 25 already and the middle is still just pure batter?? What did i do wrong? The batter came out like it was supposed to and was really thick but baking it just didn’t work.

  73. It will be too moist and won’t turn out well (or at least my experience). If you use a cake mix with pudding for the recipe, I suggest leaving out the pudding mix or using less. Either way, I’d love to hear your experience!

  74. Hi Ann! I’ve never subbed applesauce for oil. I think that I would try maybe 1/2 applesauce 1/2 oil to start. If that turns out well, then maybe you can try all applesauce. I’d love to hear how your experiment turns out, so please let me know!! XoXo

  75. Hi Rhonda! I am so glad you love the brownies! I love the lemon version also! Thanks for letting me know and for taking time to reach out! XoXo

  76. Just making these, for the second time. Came across your blog post, looking for brownies. Hey, I’ve got a box of lemon cake mix on the shelf, and he LOVES anything lemon. So, made them for his lunch box, a few weeks ago, and he came back and said to me ‘You can make those again for me!’ So, here we are, again. They’re in the oven now.

  77. Hi Donna! The batter for these is very thick; it does take some effort (and a good spatula) to smooth it to the edges of the pan. Did you grease your pan and use a 9″ square or 8″ square? Perhaps your oven is on the low side? And if you open the door too often to check doneness, the temp will fall dramatically and add slow cooking time even further. I hope you’ll try again. And don’t open the door until the top begin to show a few cracks. Let me know if they turn out better next time. Thanks for reaching out!!! XoXo

  78. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it seems like 15 minutes, the brownies were not done, I kept them in longer, and the batter was so thick I couldn’t really get it to spread out. Help what did I do wrong?

  79. Oh Elle I am so glad to hear that this worked. I’d love to know the ratio if you have it; I am sure other readers might also want to try it. And deep fried? Please elaborate!!!! I’ve never heard of this but sounds intriguing!!!

  80. I just made another batch of these strawberry brownies and replaced a small amount of flour to make it less sweet. It did the trick. I thought it was delicious. I also made a few deep fried strawberry brownies. My 3 year old loved both. Thanks for the tip.

  81. Hi Elle, I tried to find online suggestions for making cake mix less sweet. One thought was to replace a small amount of the mix with flour. Another suggestion was to add a sour substance. You could definitely make the glaze with fresh lemon juice instead of water. That would cut the sweet and add a yummy citrus flavor. Please let me know what you try and if anything works. Xo

  82. I made this last week which my family loved but I found it to be very sweet. How can I make it without it ending up too sweet? I followed the recipe listed above.

  83. Hi Candace! Thanks so much for sharing your tweaks; you are quite the baker:-) How did you like the chocolate chips? And I love love using lemon juice for the glaze. I am posting the cake version of these brownies tomorrow. It is as good or better than the brownies. Let me hear how all your goodies turn out; blessings to you!! Xo

  84. Thanks so much for this great recipe. I needed something to bake and found a box of Pillsbury strawberry cake in the back of the cupboard and google led me here. I remembered my Wilton silicone petit four baking mold and cooked these up in that, a perfect amount of batter, and now I have 24 strawberry brownie bites for an event tomorrow. I made the glaze with lemon juice, dusted with sprinkles and now I can’t wait to try this with a lemon cake. Oh, and I stuffed a chocolate chip into the batter for each one just to see how that will turn out, and next time, it will be a white chocolate chip.

  85. Hi Audrey! I make/glaze/freeze and then thaw. It takes about an hour for them to thaw; it takes several hours for them to be at room temp. They do get a bit of condensation on top during thawing that does dissipate (in my experience). Let me hear how you like them if you try them. XoXo

  86. Hello – wondering about your make-ahead instructions. Do you glaze before freezing? How long does it take to thaw them? And how does the texture/flavor hold up? Thank you!

  87. Hi Alicia, I am so happy to hear from you but sorry the brownies didn’t turn out the best. Let me say that I always use Duncan Hines strawberry supreme cake mix. You might try that. And I always put a glaze~either with water (and a bit of vanilla extract) or lemon juice (if you want to cut the sweet). I hope you’ll try again maybe with those tweaks. They really are fabulous, and I want you to enjoy them! Let me hear back if/when you try them again. Best to you!! XoXo

  88. I just made these using an individual brownie pan. So i got a dozen 4×3 brownies out of a bettey crocker Strawberry cake mix. And i have to say I was excited about these. Something wonderful and new. Followed the recipe to the letter and they just didnt taste well. They left this weird after taste in my mouth. Like i had eaten dry cake mix. But thanks for the idea. I will be mulling it over, tweaking it and seeinh what i come up with. I made them for a bake sale and unfortunately i wont be able to do anything with them. Now i didnt try them with the icing, so my fingers are crossed that the after taste flavor will disappear and i will be able to salvage them. I loved the idea and my brain flew into overdrive with all that i could do. Thanks for sharing, though.

  89. Hi Carrie Anne, SO happy you tried and loved these!!! As for glaze, if you want to cut the sweet, you can make it with fresh lemon juice instead of water. It is fabulous! The glaze adds a nice crusty top, so try it and see what you think. Blessings!!!! XoXo

  90. Just made them & they are delicious! I love strawberry everything so I had to try them & they did not disappoint this strawberry lover. I did not put icing on them because I thought it might be too sweet for me. Thanks for sharing!

  91. Hi Ray! I’ve never thought of that. I’m a creature of habit, so I will probably stick to the powdered sugar because I know it works.But if you try the Quick, please let us know how it turns out. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!!!

  92. I bet you could kivk up the strawberry flsvor by using strawberry flavored Quik instead of regular powder sugar to make a basic strawberry icing.

  93. Hi Pat! I have made these in a 9 x 13 doubled; they turn out well~just a different thickness. I’ve not added strawberries to these, but I believe someone commented that they did and with good results. Will you let us know how they turn out? It is so helpful to hear from each other:-) XoXo

  94. Can I double this recipe and use a 9×13 pyrex pan? I do this when making brownies from a mix? Also I want to add strawberries to this.

  95. l love these recipes, especially the strawberry. My family loves anything with strawberries. Thank you for sharing. Shelley Baxter

  96. Hi Martha! Great question! Make the brownies per my recipe, regardless of which brand of brownies you use. Just make sure the cake mix does not already have pudding in the mix. Pillsbury should be fine. Let me know how they turn out!!! XoXo

  97. Hi! I was wondering if I should make the brownies by the directions on the box and then make the glaze as per your directions, or if I should make it all by your recipe. I have a pillsbury cake box.

  98. Hi Cici, yes these are pretty and perfect for gatherings and parties (served on beautiful plates or a pedestal). Thank you so much for reaching out and for sharing the recipe. I’d love your feedback after you try them!!!! XoXo

  99. Thanks. These are pretty and well suited for holidays and celebrations. I can’t wait to try these and am sharing this with folks.

  100. Devlin, I really rarely use extracts in the glazes and when I do, it is vanilla and occasionally almond. The BEST flavor overall, in my opinion, is making the brownies and glaze without it. You’ll get the fullest “strawberry” flavor. Give it a try!!!

  101. The brownies came out great the whole family loved them said they were to rum forward though i thought the glaze was amazing.

  102. The batter was messy but looks yummy im going to try it with a rum extract glaze

  103. Hi Clara, I am sorry to hear that your brownies didn’t turn out well. I’ve never had them too dry except for the edges., so I watch them carefully and remove them when the surface has lots of cracks. I think if they cook too long, they do become more dry/cake like. They are more of a brownie consistency when they are moist. Let me know if you try them again!

  104. I am an avid baker,I made the strawberry brownies,and was disappointed. They were very dry,like cake, not brownies.

  105. Hi Natalie! You can certainly try, but the only way I’ve ever made these is per this recipe. And even though the batter is thick, it bakes up perfectly. Changing the batter would change the end result somehow, but I am not sure how. I suggest mixing the wet ingredients first (until the eggs are beaten), then adding the cake mix slowly. That way it won’t be as hard on the blender. Let me hear how yours turn out!

  106. Could you use cake mix and then just use ingredients as listed on a box of brownies (fudge like directions) so the batter would not be so thick? Can’t afford to break a mixer

  107. Hi Brandi, welcome to my world of over explaining:-) Since the crust on these rises taller than the rest of the pan and is a bit more baked, I prefer cutting the ends to make them prettier (and eating the edges separately). Hope you enjoy them either way!!

  108. Hi Tremaine! I am so glad to hear that strawberries make it even more flavorful! I’m trying that next:-) Thanks so much for letting us all hear your savvy suggestion:-)

  109. So I made this today and it was a hit. The only thing I did differently is I blended frozen strawberries into the mix to give it more strawberry flavor. Icing needed a splash more milk so that I could spread it better. Overall this was great.

  110. I’m definetly going to be trying this recipe but whats with all the special instructions? On how to cut them and all the utensils? Like I said I am excited to try them but in my opinion a brownie is a brownie and if anyone knows how to bake. I dont see any special instructions other then just bake them and cut them like u would from a box made brownie mix. Its just a brownie

  111. Hi Jessica, I have not, but I would LOVE to see how it tastes. I think some others have left comments that they’ve done a chocolate glaze and loved it. If you try it, I’d love to hear how it turns out!

  112. Hi Jordan, I hate that your mixer broke! The batter is thick, for sure. It is actually “spreadable” rather than pourable. I had to replace my Kitchen Aid blender a few months ago; the blades wouldn’t stay put. I love the new one:-)

  113. I just made these and it broke my hand mixer. The only liquid to combine was the 2 eggs and 1/3 c oil. It became a taffy like consistency. I had to add 1/3 c water just to get it to release the mixture from the hand mixer.

  114. Hi Janet! I think you’ll love them both! The strawberry ones are also great with a lemon glaze (use lemon juice in place of water). They are sweetly tart and sooooo delish! Please let me know how they turn out for you. Blessings! XoXo

  115. Can’t wait to try these – I love making strawberry things in the spring and summer! The lemon brownies sound equally delish!

  116. Robin, so happy you are going to try the strawberry recipes!!! Please let me hear how they turn out!!! Thank you so much for reaching out!! Be blessed!!! XoXo

  117. Thank you for such Awsome Strawberry recipes I cant wait to start trying each one of them!!

  118. Hi David! I use canola, vegetable or a blend. I am sure coconut oil would work; I’ve just never tried it. Let me know how your brownies turn out. I’d love your feedback!!

  119. Oh Catherine, I am so happy to hear that they turned out to be yummy!!!! If they tasted like chocolate covered strawberries, that is a win-win! I’ll give this a try myself:-) Thanks for leaving feedback!!! XoXo

  120. So. Just made them, I added mini chocolate chips to the batter and frosted with chocolate icing, my husband loved them! They did turn out more cake like for some reason but that’s alright! My husband said it tasted like chocolate covered strawberries..

  121. Hi Catherine! I have no idea how chocolate would taste; I can promise you they are perfectly divine as written!!! But I’d LOVE to know how you like your version so please let me know!!! Thanks for commenting!!! XoXo

  122. Hi, had a box of strawberry cake mix so off to Google to see what I could do with it, stumbled on your blog here, my family is chocolate crazy so I might throw some chocolate chips in mine and then add a chocolate icing.. see how that turns out!

  123. Hi, I included in my notes that the extracts are optional, as are the flavors. Most of the time I use vanilla, but when making white cake mix brownies, I use almond. Personal preference!!

  124. Your recipe says “extract”. – what kind? Vanilla, strawberry? Coconut? The list of possibilities is endless –

  125. Jamie, this looks amazing! If I could reach through the computer screen all of your delicious strawberry brownies would be missing! LOL . Thank you for sharing! XOXO

  126. Hi Kenny! So glad to hear you were able to get good results with cake mix w/pudding! Would love to know what tweaks you made for them to turn out perfectly. Thanks for sharing!!!

  127. Thanks, they came out great. Had to tweak it a bit cause I got cake mix w/pudding, but still prevailed. They were delicious. Thanks again.


  128. Great recipe, looks easy with all your instructions, as well as delicious! Everything is also so well laid out and incredibly thorough. I thought it was also very read-able, a good amount of spacing to facilitate browsing and skimming (guilty!). Love it!

  129. These brownies are heavenly, and they are dangerously easy to make. I’ve made 4 batches in 3 days! Thank you!!

  130. Thanks so much for your comments, Wanda, and for alerting me to the issue. I only put extract in the brownie batter~never the glaze~but that is personal preference. These are truly good without it, but some folks just like the extra zing:-)

  131. Hi, Jamie. So glad you figured out that the recipe was missing. I am a website developer so I knew I was looking in all the right places and searching in ways if it was there it could not escape me! I used the Lemon Brownie as a guide and added 1/2 t high grade vanilla extract. I see that your Strawberry recipe does not call for that in the brownies, but I used it. My son loved them! For the glaze, I did not add vanilla (because I did not have the recipe at the time…and there is no almond extract mentioned on the Lemon Brownie recipe I was using as guide. But I added a twist. My son has a penchant for strawberry cake with cherry icing and since my husband drinks tart cherry juice for his injury-induced gout, I used tart cherry juice instead of water…added that extra zing for people who like that. Thanks for the recipes and for putting the recipe back. I highly recommend this!

  132. Wanda, I am SO glad you persisted in commenting on this. My recipe had somehow been deleted~yikes!!! All fixed and THANK YOU for alerting me!!!! Please let me know how the brownies turn out!!!! XoXo

  133. Hi there and thank you for the quick reply. I am on is no recipe. But it does mention using almond flavoring in the lemon but when I go to the lemon page it doesn’t mention the almond flavoring at all. So that is why I thought I really needed the strawberry recipe because I don’t know how much vanilla. I have looked on multiple devices and do not see a recipe on this page

  134. Hi Wanda! The strawberry brownies do not have almond; I just add it to the lemon/funfetti brownies. The recipes for the other brownies are not on the same page as strawberry brownies, but if you will click the name of the brownie recipe you want, it will take you to the other recipe blog post. Let me know if you figure it out! All the strawberry brownie instructions are on the page labeled strawberry brownies:-)

  135. Would love to try them but cannot find a recipe on this page. Went to the lemon Brownies recipe and it did not mention almond flavoring as alluded to here so was afraid I did not have the right recipe. I’ll check back again but I fear it won’t be in time for my strawberry-cake loving sons birthday tomorrow.

  136. Hi Sarah Anne,

    I am so sorry that yours didn’t turn out! If I had to guess, I’d say it is the pudding mix cake mix. I’ve never had this problem, and I’ve always used Duncan Hines. Especially given how meticulous you were with time/temp, the pudding is the only culprit that I can think of.

    I hope you’ll give these another try with regular cake mix. I think you’ll be pleased. Please let me know if you do. I love and appreciate feedback. We can all help each other by sharing:-) Blessings to you!!! XoXo

  137. I had a box of strawberry cake mix in the pantry that I didn’t know what to do with, but when I came across this recipe a couple of weeks ago, I was excited to try it. Well I just did, and sadly, it did not turn out well at all. I’m not sure if it’s because I used a Betty Crocker cake mix that had pudding in it, or if I didn’t cook them long enough (I cooked mine for 17 minutes at 350 degrees, but since the toothpick came out clean and other reviewers said not to overcook, I went ahead and took them out of the oven), but they were super soft and gooey in the middle and tasted very underdone. I am disappointed because I love easy, good recipes, and I had high hopes for these. I bake a lot, and I’m frustrated because I’m still not exactly sure what went wrong

  138. I’ll do and check it for sure, I have already checked few different recipes in your blog, and I guess I’m in love with your style and taste xD. It will take a bit of time to try them but I would surely let you know about it <3

  139. Well thank you for letting us know that it paired well with the brownies! I will have to give it a try. I have a caramel sauce on the blog that is wonderful. Check it out if you have a chance!

  140. It was a homemade one, It happened by a chance actually, 2 days before I try your recipe, I was trying a homemade caramel recipe, and I had some of it left, and was curious how it would taste with strawberry brownies xD and it turned out well.

  141. Hello! I am SO glad you gave these a try!!!! Caramel on top…….that is interesting. I never would have thought of that combination. Do you mind sharing which caramel you used~homemade or store bought? Love hearing creative ways to serve these! XoXo

  142. I had a little doubt about these brownies, but I have finally given them a try yesterday, and they turned out to be delicious xD I put some caramel on top of them ^^

  143. I tried using an orange cake mix and frosted them with melted chocolate chips. Delish. Thanks for the idea.

  144. I am so glad you like the lemon bars! The strawberry are my favorite. I am eager to hear which one is your favorite. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!

  145. I’ve made your lemon bars multiple times now and they were a HUGE hit. Today I’m going to make the strawberry bars and I can’t wait to compare the two! I plan on adding blueberries on top for some freshness and maybe I’ll use come fresh berry juice I have on hand for the glaze instead of water. Thank you for these recipes!
    (P.s. I also cook these at 325F for about 22 minutes instead of 350. I think they come out more moist. This is definitely a recipe you will be sorry to overcook.)

  146. Hi Diana, I am not sure how that would change the outcome. But….even though the batter is thick, the brownies turn out perfectly once baked and cooled. I think the inconvenience of having to spread a thick batter may be annoying, but the brownies taste great in the end. Let me know if you try anything differently, though!

  147. Hey I was wondering to make the batter less thick what if we followed the same recipe for brownies. Example: fudge brownies call for 2eggs 2/3 cup of oil and 1/4 cup of water. What would happen if I did it that way

  148. Hi Karis! Yes they are sweet! I use lemon juice in the glaze which cuts the sweet a bit. Or….they could be eaten unglazed? Let me now if you figure out a solution:-)

  149. Hi Laura! Yes, the batter is super thick…..but that is what makes them have that yummy, dense brownie texture. SO happy they turned out well!!! XoXo

  150. Hi Cheryl! I apologize for the confusion. I have both 8 x 8 and 9 x 9 pans, but I almost always use the latter (and I’ve corrected the blog). I will tell you this. The brownies don’t look pretty until they are removed from the pan, edges trimmed, and cut into neat squares. I am always kind of sad at how they look UNTIL they are iced and cut nicely:-) I hope this is the case or you. Do let me know! They really are yummy, so I hope you are able to take them to your potluck.

  151. The “Pan Size” note above says to use a 9×9″ pan, but the Instructions area of the recipe says to use an 8″square pan(?) Anyway I used a 9″ square pan since that’s all I had, and I followed the intructions exacly with a Duncan Hines cake mix. My only change was giving it an extra few minutes in the oven because I found the center didn’t want to set. After it seemed ready and the toothpick came out clean I took it out but the center then seriously sank. I’ll ice them tomorrow. I’m sure it will taste fine but it’s not fit to look at, and I had hoped to bring them to a potluck. Disappointing.

  152. Hi Tiffani! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed these and that your kids were able to take part. That is sweet family time:-) Thanks for reaching out; blessings to you!!!

  153. Hi Karen, what a fun event you have planned! The strawberry brownies will be fab! If you go to Family Savvy and put “strawberry” in the search bar, it will bring up many more recipes that you might enjoy. Have a great day!

  154. I am doing a Strawberry Social and Fashion show so I would like every kind of desert that can be made with strawberries. These will fit in fabulously.
    If you have any more strawberry deserts that are quick and easy that would be awesome.

  155. Hi Gwen! I really love the plain glaze, as it adds a bit of texture and sweetness but lets the strawberry flavor shine. I would probably only do glazes flavored with water or lemon/lime juice. Extract would probably be too strong. Let me know what works for you!!!!

  156. These look wonderful. I am going to try them for Easter this weekend. For the glaze, I was thinking about putting a little strawberry flavoring in it, do you think that would be too much strawberry. Ooo….. or maybe put real lemon juice in the glaze to give it a tang similar to strawberry lemonade. What do you think Jamie?

  157. Oh what a sweet Easter treat for your son!! I have never mailed any baked goods but I’ll bet if you google “how to mail cookies” or similar you’ll find tons of ideas. Let me know what you find out; I am sure others would love to know also! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  158. How do these mail? Want to make and send to my son in college for Easter. He doesn’t like chocolate. Can mail 2-3 day delivery. What do you think?

  159. Hi Rebecca! So glad you liked them! Yes, the dough is very stiff; it takes a bit of spatula effort to spread it evenly in the pan. They turn out yummy, though!!!

  160. Yes i made theses they were good but my question is is the dough suppose to be stiff.i had a hard time spreading the dough

  161. Hi Kristina! I am so glad you love the recipe! And pineapple? I’ve never thought to try that; it is next on my list! Thanks for sharing! XoXo

  162. My family and I love these! I even experiment with different cake flavors pineapple is our favorite! Thank you for sharing this swet delicious recipe.

  163. Hi Joey! Sorry for the confusion. You can ignore the cake box. Just use the ingredients I list in the recipe and follow the instructions. No extra eggs or anything. Hope that helps!

  164. Hi it seems simple bet with the cake mix it already requires like 2 or 3 eggs so do I have to add 2 more because of what u listed

  165. Hi Karen! The glaze is basically to add sweetness. I like the plain, but agree with you that it could be jazzed up a bit for some tastes. Almond flavor might work too.

  166. The glaze needs flavour of some sort or it tastes awful. Needs vanilla or almond extract. Lemon would be good with the strawberry also.

  167. Hi Cami! I think the Pillsbury Moist Supreme does have pudding in the mix, but I’ve never made these with anything but Duncan Hines. Let me know the difference after you make them with both brands; I’d love to hear your assessment! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  168. I just made these with Pilsbury Moist Supreme (That is all they had at Target). Not totally sure there is pudding in the mix as the box didn’t SAY it but they were sort of “wettish” in the middle. I left them in a bit longer but they were starting to get golden so took them out. Drizzled with Ghirardelli white chocolate and at least they look good. They taste good just hope they aren’t to undone. Want to try again with Duncan Hines.

  169. Hi Anna, thanks for sharing your experience with the brownies. I am sorry they didn’t turn out well for you! Oven temps can vary greatly, so hope your adjustments yield a good result next time. Let me know!

  170. Make brownies that are way too thick, need more than20 minutes to cook, maybe 25, and don’t look like the picture. A larger pan is needed than 8”x8”, mine came out like cake with this exact recipe (well, taller and more gooey than the photo)

  171. awesome website and brownies I have about 10,00000000 recipes from this site in my cook book and these tated the best

  172. I’ve made these several times now & they are always a hit. Tonight I decided to switch it up a bit & I pocked some holes before pouring the glaze. I definitely recommend it!!

  173. Hi Martin! Wow….you really did a fancy update to these; sounds terrific! Thank you for sharing this!! These brownies are definitely versatile:-)

  174. Such as the others needed a change of something new, but I combined two mixes, chocolate and strawberry kinda hard getting the perfect swirl and topped with a very thin layer of strawberry jam I liquidfied it in the blender then did a drizzle of melted chocolate chips, since its all so sweet I did just a touch of jam and chocolate, it was semi sweet morsels. Total way yum! Thank you!

  175. Hi Casey! I am so happy you love the strawberry brownies!!! I have actually tried lemon cake mix, and I enjoyed the results. If you try other flavors, please let us know how they turn out!!!

  176. These are amazing!! I first made them for my sister in law when she had her baby (some of them did not make it to her!!), and then I made 2 batches for a 90th birthday party. I’m making 2 more batches this weekend. Question-have you ever tried any other cake flavors? I was just wondering how they would be with a cherry or orange cake mix.

  177. Had to try something different. Used Pineapple Supreme Cake Mix. Coconut oil. Pam baking powder spray in an 8 x 8 pan. This needed 30 minutes in my toaster oven. Turned off convection bake. Grew level with top of pan. Turned pan over and it fell right out. Its not a brownie and not a cake. My wife and I love it. Have to try Cherry Chip or Lemon next time.

  178. Shannon, thanks for sharing how you made these. I absolutely think parchment AND spray are both a must! Glad you recommend the lemon glaze; I will try it soon!

  179. This recipe was fairly easy to make. I went with the other commenter’s suggestion and made the lemon glaze – a nice compliment. I pressed the batter into the pan using another sheet of parchment paper and that worked well. I sprayed the sheet I used with Pam as a precaution to keep it from sticking while I pressed it down.

  180. Thank you for the recipe! Just wanted to say that I happened to have some pineapple chunks so I added them batter and they were a welcome addition!

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  182. Hi Ashley! You are quite savvy to craft this adult only glaze:-) So glad you’ve enjoyed the brownies~and the blog~for 3 years!!! I am honored!!! Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!!!

  183. I have been using this recipe for 3 yrs now…Instead of water for the glaze I use Smirnoff Peppermint Twist …for my adult friends.. During the Holidays….Thanks again. For this AMAZING recipe…you can’t go wrong with this!!!!! Merry Christmas

  184. Hi Zack! The jam idea sounds yummy; I need to try that! Actually, I’ve never used the pudding so can’t testify that it wouldn’t work, but it adds lots of moisture and might make the brownies too soft. If you have the urge to give it a try, please let us know how it turns out. Thanks for touching base!!!

  185. Just tried this and added some strawberry jam into the batter and rippled it :) It turned out great! In your post, you mentioned that we could use any strawberry cake mix as long as it doesn’t contain pudding in the mix. Why can’t it contain pudding?

  186. I have enjoyed making these. Instead of water for the glaze, I have used a bit of lemon juice. I call them Strawberry Lemonade Brownies.

  187. Janet, I think these will be GREAT!!!! You could put them on a white pedestal/cake stand and put out pitchers of pink lemonade with pink napkins……it will be perfect!!! Take pics, and let me know how it turns out!!!! Blessings to you my friend!

  188. I do a lot of volunteer work, and I was search’n for a pink dessert to make for a breast cancer shoot im do’n on Friday…Im limited on a lot of desserts for packaging issues and to display. I believe these will be perfect and certainly the perfect color for my event! Thanks for share’n and all the tips…

  189. Hi Diane! If you don’t have any parchment, I would use Baker’s Joy or an “oil & flour” spray. Parchment just helps you lift out the entire pan and makes cutting perfect slices much easier. You can certainly oil and flour by hand as well. Let me know how it turns out!!!!

  190. Hello! I will be baking these today. I will be using Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake mix. I don’t have any parchment paper on hand. Instead, I will oil my 13×9 baking dish then I will dust it with flour. Will this be okay? I’m going to make a go of it and see how they turn out. Thanks for posting such a delicious looking recipe. Have a great day and be blessed!

  191. Delish! Added fresh diced strawberries, and baked for 30 min, everything else as stated in directions. Will def make again. Thanks!

  192. I made these last week with a lemon glaze … instead of milk, I added lemon juice to the powdered sugar! It was a hit. We called them strawberry lemonade brownies.

  193. By the way. I have made these before and everyone went crazy over them. Super delicious. The only thing I changed was I used a vanilla cake mix and added strawberry jello mix to give the flavor and it was awesome!!!

  194. Do you think I could mix a little chocolate brownie mix in with it and swirl it around to make more of a chocolate and strawberry brownie? Or should I just add chocolate chips into mix?

  195. Wow…..I so appreciate all this helpful advice on how to use the “pudding” cake mixes! Thanks for taking the time to share this; it will surely help others who can’t find the normal cake mix. Glad you liked them. Blessings to you!!!

  196. Soooo…here is my take!
    The only strawberry cake mix at the store was the Pillsbury “Pudding in the mix” version. I said, to heck with it, let’s try anyway.
    Used a glass pan, 8x8x2. Put down parchment paper and oiled the paper on top (but not on the bottom–I wasn’t sure if I was doing that right as the recipe didn’t say for sure!). (I don’t have Pam–I just put a little vegetable oil on a paper towel and grease accordingly.)
    Used two jumbo eggs and 1/3 cup vegetable oil as specified. Used a hand mixer as specified. At the end of the blending, most of the batter was in the beaters, so I used a spatula and a wooden spoon to tag-team each beater and get the batter back into the bowl. It was indeed thick, more like a wet dough than a batter. I spread it in the pan without trouble.
    Baked at 350 degrees on the middle oven rack and started testing the center with toothpicks at the twenty minute mark, then at five-minute intervals. At the thirty-five minute mark, the toothpick still had a tiny bit of batter on the end of it rather than crumbs (and there were no crumbs on the toothpick at all), but the top was getting a little bit brown, so I called it at that point and took it out. The brownies had raised, but as they cooled, the center sank. But that was okay, it turned out!
    The glaze: I wanted it thin, so that it would just be a light crackly glaze, so I used much more water than called for, probably about a half-cup of water to the one cup of the powdered sugar. And then there was more glaze than I needed, so, next time I’d probably use only a half-cup of powdered sugar for a single recipe.
    Glazing it with the sunken middle meant I had to drizzle most of the glaze along the edges and keep smoothing it out of the center so I didn’t get a glaze puddle in the center.
    The edges were a little more cakey–they tasted nice, though; some people might prefer that taste–but the center was definitely a fudgy brownie consistency! I was eating them within the hour of making them (couldn’t wait!) but they actually tasted nicest about eight hours later, having cooled and become denser. Very brownie-like and yummy!

    So, summary: Pudding mix version is doable but you may have different consistencies between the middle and the edges. Glass 8x8x2 pan, about 35 minutes so that the center bakes through. If they sink in the middle, no big deal, just cut them up for serving and no one will care. Use less sugar and more water if you want a thin crackly glaze. Delicious recipe, Jamie, thank you; I’m so glad I tried it!

  197. Hey there, Michelle! I am so glad that you loved these!!! I love chocolate too, but actually like these a bit better. Thanks for reaching out. Blessings!!!

  198. Hi! I just made this delicious recipe. Where has it been all my life. I don’t like chocolate, so this is perfect for me. Thank you so much.

  199. Hey! Any strawberry cake mix should work as long as it doesn’t have pudding in the mix. I use Duncan Hines. Sorry, but I don’t have a scratch version of the recipe. Hope you find the mix!

  200. I would love to try this recipe, but I can’t find a suitable cake mix to use. Do you have any idea how I would go about making this totally from scratch, without any mixes? Thanks!

  201. Hi Nichole! Yes, if you use milk for the glaze, it is advisable to keep them in the fridge or freezer. I use that “rule of thumb” for any glaze or frosting. Hope this helps! Blessings to you!!!

  202. Jessi, thanks for letting us know how you adjusted the time according to pan size; this is so helpful! I would love to hear how the vanilla version turns out, so please let us know!!

  203. These are delicious. The first time I baked them, I had to watch the oven. And they cooked for 30 minutes and were fine. I then used a glass pyrex, 8×8, and baked for 25 minutes, and this was perfect. I now know the time I should use. :) Delicious, and can’t wait to try this with a vanilla cake mix too- what a neat idea one of the other commenters left.

  204. I baked these at the recommended time- the center was soggy.put them back in for another 10 min or so- took them out and left them in the pan about 10 then lifted them out with the paper and they were STiLL too soggy to even cut. I use an oven temp thermometer and watched them. This seems a waste of time because everyone else’s seem to be fine but they were a disappointment to me.

  205. I cooked 22 minutes and added to batter about 2T milk to batter and 1/4cup white chocolate. For the frosting i melted 1/4cup white chocolate chips and Tmilk and drizzled it on top of brownies.

  206. Hi Tammy, thanks so much for your comments! Yes, I do need to make clear in the recipe instructions that batter is VERY thick~not pourable but “spreadable.” Thanks for the input on pan size also. Blessings, my friend!!!!

  207. Just made these, double batch and used the half pan. Did not fill it up and batter was so thick, was sure I did something wrong. Then I saw some comments and felt better. They turned out great but would use the 9×13 pan for a double batch, would probably be thicker. Also would recommend if you could please mention in the directions that batter will be “thick” , almost dough-like so others will know that is normal. Otherwise, DELICIOUS!!!

  208. I wonder instead of the glaze just drizzling chocolate on top I think it would taste like a chocolate covered strawberry

  209. Hi Karen, I have made it with both pans with great results; however, for most ovens, the square pan will yield moister brownies. I always use both spray Pam and parchment paper just for safe measure. It just guarantees that the brownies will lift right out~no worries! Please let me know how these turn out for you. Blessings!

  210. I orginally saw this recipe posted on Facebook. Since I wanted to be able to print it larger than I could off of there, I went to your website. I noticed that you changed the recipe from what it originally was, with a note regarding the 9 x 13 pan, but now stating to use a 8 inch square with parchment paper and pam spray. Do you really need the pam spray if you are using parchment paper?

  211. This was very good! I swirled strawberry cake brownie batter with yellow cake brownie batter and topped it with the glaze. My kids loved it.

  212. I also use this same recipe for cookies. They always turn out great. You can use any cake mix and add any kind of chips or nuts to mix things up. I usually get about 2 dozen cookies out of a batch.

  213. Hi Lupe, I just changed that as it was confusing. It is actually 1-2 TB of water (or milk). Add just enough to make the glaze spreadable but not too thin. Hope this helps!!!!

  214. In your directions it says •½ -2 TB water or milk. Does that mean 1/2cup + 2TB or water or milk?

    I would like an answer for this as well just a little confused on that one

    Please Help!

  215. Hi Angie! So glad y’all enjoyed the strawberry brownies! Yes~ I have made these with lemon cake mix!!! Go to the search box on Family Savvy and type in “lemon brownies” to pull up the recipe. It is yummy!!!

  216. I made these for a tailgate and everyone loved them!! Making them again for tomorrow’s game. Just wondering, has anyone tried lemon cake mix as a substitute for the strawberry? I have a couple that weren’t able to eat the strawberry due to allergies. For myself, I love these! :D

  217. Hi Trina! The insides are moist, but not pudding like. I use Duncan Hines (which has no pudding mix), so I can’t compare to yours firsthand. I would suggest trying another batch without pudding in the mix. I’ll bet you’ll see a difference. Let me hear back; thanks for sharing this!!!

  218. Toothpick came out clean (also had to bake it longer than 15″), but the inside is still raw looking to some extent. Betty Crocker Strawberry with pudding mix used. Used parchment paper inside an 8×8 glass pan. I am not sure if brownies are supposed to be so ‘moist’ looking on the inside. Will see how it looks in the morning. The top has the cracks in it and is a little brown in a spot or two after the further baking. Very, very good tastewise! Concentrated strawberry flavor. My willpower left the room and made me deal with the brownies all by myself.

  219. My family loves these! I have also made these with a Red Velvet cake mix. v(that requires a little more liquid.) To help with spreading, I spray wax paper with Pam and place it over the batter and press down until I have it spread over my 9×13 pan. It peels off and makes spreading thick batter easier.

  220. I’ve made these twice, they came out perfectly, and my friends LOVED them. It’s a nice change from chocolate brownie. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  221. In your directions it says •½ -2 TB water or milk. Does that mean 1/2cup + 2TB or water or milk?

  222. I make these suckers all the time – and I ALWAYS double up the recipe and use a 9×13. The baking time seems to vary each time I make them, so I always start checking at 15 but I’ve had them in for up to 30. The only thing I don’t double is the icing, we like it very, very thin, just enough to feel it crackle when we bite the brownies. I’m making these tonight!

  223. Using a 8×8 at 350, I baked the strawberry brownies for 19 minutes. I would leave them in the pan for 20 minutes, then glaze. I added white chocolate chips. When cut into bars they were very special!

  224. Tried these..absolutely delicious!!!Tweaked them a little..Substituted the oil with a ripe banana and added a tablespoon of water. I used a 11×9 pan and spreading them was not a big issue…strawberry-banana brownies…who would have thought?lol

  225. Hi Pamela! I have baked these in all these pan sizes. All have turned out well as long as cooking time is adjusted. I know it is a pain to have to “watch” brownies in the oven, but that is really the best way to get optimal results. Thanks for writing! Blessings!

  226. The recipe itself, says 8×8 pan, and you said 9×9 or 9×13. Mine in the 8×8 were thicker, but were not cooked through at all in 15 minutes. First attempt, but they were too raw. Because of the warning to not overcook, I didn’t let them cook any extra. Will try again later.

  227. Hi Raven, thanks so much for sharing your comments! I am glad to know they bake well when doubled, as I often wish that I had more than one batch. I’ll be sure to increase cooking time and pan size. Blessings to you!!!

  228. I have made these for everybody’s lunches and they were a hit! I doubled the recipe and used a 3 qt and a 2 qt baking dish. Had to bake for almost 18-19 minutes, but they turned out great! We were really happy with them!

  229. Hi Melissa, I am so sorry that yours didn’t turn out well. The recipe actually specifies a 9 x 9 or 9 x 13 pan. Depending upon which pan you use, the cooking time needs to be adjusted accordingly. The best way to ensure the right doneness is the toothpick test. When you insert a toothpick in the center, you should get crumbs~not batter. Hope this helps! Thanks for writing.

  230. Hi Jolee, I’ve heard that from several others. I think the time can vary 5-10 minutes based on different oven calibrations and on pan size. The toothpick trick always helps. Thanks so much for your comments!

  231. Turned out awful. Bake time was too short. Not all of the “batter” even fit in a 8×8. Waste of time and money.

  232. hi! I just made these tonight! Glad the batter being thick is ok! I was like how will I spread this. Only problem I ran into is that I had to bake mine longer than 15 min. When I did the toothpick trick I saw batter on the toothpick. I did them for 10 more mins!

  233. Hi Tammy, I don’t think it matters if the oven is gas or electric (mine is gas). I would just make sure to use the parchment and spray, and I would watch the brownies during cooking. When they start to look “set” and begin to crack a bit on the surface and pull away from the sides of the pan, pull them out. As long as they cook to the right consistency, they should be fine. Let me know how they turn out!!! Blessings to you!

  234. My son requested these but I’m used to a gas oven now I’ve move and have electric and all my baking dishes are glass, would I need to adjust the temperature, use the paper and spray???
    He offered to purchase the items I am making them on Saturday….HELP!!!

  235. I am bad not to read directions all the way through sometimes and this was one of those times. I put the sugar in the batter. Oops. They are in the oven now and hope they turn out ok.

  236. Made these yesterday for my girls. I used cream cheese frosting instead of the glaze because it was already open. Also used an 8×8, and they were the perfect thickness for me. Very yummy – big hit at my house!

  237. Hi Amanda, you can use a square 9 x9 pan if you want them thicker, but I prefer the 9 x 13 (being careful not to overbake). Yes, the batter is very thick, but they bake up to a perfect consistency. Please let me know how they turn out!

  238. Hi Carrie! So glad you stuck with it and that they turned out well for you! The batter is very thick, but the brownies really do end up being the perfect consistency. Thanks for commenting!

  239. It seems like such a small amount for a 9×13…I’m making them now but in honesty I’m very doubtful about this! Seems barely half an inch thick…I mean, I’m a baker. I bake brownies OFTEN for guys in my husband’s platoon. I’m going for it, just super dubious…lol Also very thick. Is this right? I added a splash of water simply because it was so thick it was drying out and wouldn’t fully incorporate. I did a box of the cake mix, 2 large eggs, and 1/3 cup oil. I hope they turn out!

  240. Looks like I spoke too soon! Although difficult to spread, and even with pudding in the mix, my second attempt was a success! And the plastic knife trick was great! Thanks!

  241. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I have tried to make these twice now, and just can’t get it right. The main problem is that the batter is so THICK that I can’t get it to spread evenly in the pan. It is like trying to spread bubble gum! Also, I cannot find a brand of strawberry cake mix that does not have pudding in the mix. I have tried several stores and even online to find Duncan Hines to no avail. All the others have pudding in the mix. Any tips?

  242. Oh I am so glad you tried them, Cass!!! They are unique…..I still can’t put my finger on whether they are more brownie or more cake:-) Yummy either way!!!

  243. Amanda! I thought so too, until I tried these! If you can’t bring yourself to call them brownies, just call them strawberry bars:-)
    Let me know if you try them!

  244. These came to prayer group last night and everyone loved them! Super easy and very unique. Everyone wanted to try them!

  245. What a wonderful kitchen tip; I had no idea this worked. I keep plastic utensils for school lunches, so I will try this the next time I make brownies. Thanks for sharing, Samatha!

  246. Another tip for cutting brownies easily (that I actually got off a brownie box years ago) is to cut them with a plastic knife. Yup. Something about the composition of the plastic makes the brownies not stick. I always keep a couple in my silverware drawer for my next brownie fix.

  247. I’m about to make these tomorrow. Should I spray the pan with some Pam? (I’m not going to use parchment paper)

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