Acne Injections: A Quick Fix For Problem Pimples


Dr. Jo discusses acne injections, a quick fix for problem pimples that appear just before a big event. She shares this in response to the following question from a Family Savvy reader.


Dr. Jo,

My daughter has occasional breakouts and often worries that one might occur before a big event like homecoming or prom. Is there any “quick fix” for unwanted pimples? I’ve heard there are injections that can help. Please advise.

Thanks so much,

Pimple Patrol Mom


Dr. JoDear Pimple Patrol Mom,

It is true that some “pimples” can be injected and do improve in 24 hours. I never promise that they will go away that fast, but they might be less red and tender and a little smaller. We have many patients who do not think that they can live without these injections, including my own children.

We usually reserve what we call “acne injections” for the larger cyst-like pimples. We do not do these for every tiny little pimple, as side effects are possible.

We inject a very dilute steroid. If too much is injected there can be atrophy (thinning of skin). However, this would be very rare when using the dilute mixture that we use and when choosing larger lesions to inject.

So, an acne injection can work wonders to help you avoid going to homecoming , prom or a wedding with a big red cherry on the tip of your nose. An acne injection works best if given a couple of days before the event. Try not to wait until the last minute, as these do need a day or two to work.

Hope this helps, and have a great week,

Dr. Jo

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