Video Chat Q & A: Dr. Herzog Defines A “Good” Mole Check

Today’s video chat with Dr. Herzog will continue our discussion on the topic of moles and malignant melanoma. She will answer the following questions submitted by Family Savvy readers.

1. What can a patient expect at a “good mole check.?” (i.e. Is there any room for modesty?)

2. Is it necessary to check moles on parts of the body that have never seen the sun?

3. Does metastatic melanoma manifest externally, and can it be found via skin exam?

4. What is an “In Situ” melanoma?

Click here to view last week’s Video Chat Q & A With Dr. Herzog: Malignant Melanoma. If you have questions for Dr. Herzog on any topic in the field of dermatology, submit them via email (, and look for her answers on Family Savvy.

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