DIY Hanging Christmas Card Display

This DIY hanging Christmas card display will allow you to enjoy all of your holiday cards and photos and a glance.

DIY hanging Christmas card display

I love getting Christmas cards, especially those with photos that show how friends and family are growing and changing each year. Since I want keep the cards on display until I pack up the Christmas decor, I came up with an easy DIY way to hang them for the family to enjoy.

Easy DIY Christmas Card hanging displayThis hanging display is so easy, and it is so much prettier than some of my past solutions. I’ve taped cards to windows, propped them on the mantle, placed them in large bowls, and put them on the fridge with blue silly putty clay. This hanging solution if by far my favorite way to display the cards, and it looks so much better than my other options did.

A note on ribbon: Decide where you want the ribbon to hang, and measure first. I measured the two center portions of the window where I wanted to hang the cards and added a foot to each length. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten enough ribbon to go all the way to the DIY hanging Christmas card displayfloor to accommodate more cards. As cards come in and space gets tight, I just overlap the cards and pin them so that I can see the photos on each.

If you don’t see what you like at craft stores, try looking in design shops and home stores. I found my ribbon at Rosegate Design, one of my favorite places to browse and buy things for my home. They had several ribbon remnants that were marked down, so I snagged a wonderful deal on some gorgeous ribbon!

Easy DIY Hanging Christmas Card Display


  • miniature clothes pins (Craft Stores or amazon)
  • gold metallic spray paint
  • 4″-5″ wide wired decorative ribbon (cut to your specific measurements)

How to Make:

  1. Spray clothes pins with metallic paint; allow to dry.
  2. Tie ribbon in knot or ribbon at one end.
  3. Attach ribbon to top of window frame with tiny nail.
  4. Hang cards on ribbon with paper clips.

This hanging display can be put on windows, doors, or anywhere that you want to display your cards. We put ours next to our kitchen dining space so that we can see the cards every night when we eat dinner.

I hope this idea helps you if you were looking for a nifty way to enjoy your Christmas cards! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!

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