How to Make Hands Look Years Younger

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Dr. Jo Herzog shares how to make hands look years younger (and not give away our age).

How To Make Hands Look Years Younger

Dr. Jo Herzog

Faces today are looking better than ever. Thanks to the advancements of modern day aesthetics, many have smooth, young faces that belie their true age. The advancements in facial rejuvenation have grown so much over Dr. Jo Herzog dermatologist Family Savvythe last 15 years that surgical face lifts are far less common.

While faces are looking younger and younger, hands are sometimes neglected. Older hands are typically marked by age spots, sun damage, and wrinkles. Some older hands lose volume and become skeletal, with bones and veins protruding. Thankfully, we can address these issues with two highly effective treatments~one common and one new and cutting edge. This dual combination of therapies can work wonders to keep our hands looking as young as our faces.

The first aspect of hand rejuvenation involves chemical peels and lasers. These have been around for years and are the  gold standard for removing age spots and freckles. Their ability to tighten the skin as well as lighten and remove dark spots can make hands look dramatically younger. This is a first and very important step in hand rejuvenation, but it isn’t enough for the fullest effect. We must also address the issue of volume loss.

The second aspect of hand rejuvenation is using filler to replace lost volume and hide those veins and tendons. This is the newest, most cutting edge treatment, and Radiesse is the first filler to be approved for volume restoration of the hands. The filler fills in missing volume but also increases collagen production in the area.

How does it work? The Radiesse in injected in a few simple injections under the skin and molded into the hand to achieve optimal definition and smooth any lumps. The results can be seen immediately. The area is numbed before injection, and there is minimal discomfort. Below are before and after photos of one of my patient’s hands.

How to make hands look years younger....
Before Radiesse Injections…
how to make hands look years younger....
After Radiesse injections…

















Some patients experience swelling and mild soreness that can last a couple of weeks. The Radiesse itself should last for a year or two, and the collagen it builds should last longer.

The cost depends on how much Radiesse is used. I have had good results with 1/2 to 1 syringe per hand. I charge $650 a syringe but sometimes have a package with buy one get second half price. Most dermatologists have put together packages that include “spot removal” along with fillers.

Hope this helps those of you interested in more youthful hands. Feel free to contact me through Family Savvy if you have any questions, and I will be happy to answer.

Be well,

Dr. Jo


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