Neotensil: A New, Non-Surgical Option To Correcting Under Eye Bags


If you have under eye bags, Dr. Jo Herzog shares some exciting information about a new product that may prove to be a savvy option to blepharoplasty. Neotensil, recently featured on Good Morning America, is causing quite the buzz in the beauty world, so Dr. Herzog decided to discuss the product on Family Savvy. (For Birmingham gals, be sure to read about her event where you can sample the product firsthand.)


Dr. Jo Herzog

Obagi is launching what appears to be the latest new non-surgical correction (temporary) for wrinkling and bags under the eyes. Neotensil is a new product that claims to be able to hold your bags in, like Spanx, for the entire day.

Neotensil is painted or brushed onto the under eye area. You have to be trained and learn how to apply it properly for maximum effect. It takes one to three hours for this product to be fully effective. The only way to know what it can do for you is to try it on, just like a new corset. Click here to see the product demonstrated by dermatologist Dr. Doris Day on Good Morning America.

All is not so simple, of course. You have to know how to use this properly, or you will not have good results. This can’t be put on for an event that is happening in ten minutes, and it will only do well with the proper candidate for this treatment.  Some women will wake up early to get this applied and working before their day starts. Others will only want to use this if they have a special day, will be attending an event, or will be having photos taken. When used correctly on the right candidate, this can make some big changes in one’s appearance.

We will be having a “try on event” at Brookwood Dermatology on May 8th. Visitors can arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. Amanda, our Obagi representative, will apply your trial Neotensil, instructing you along the way in proper application. Then, everyone can enjoy lunch while Amanda talks more about skin care and spicifically about Neotensil.  After lunch, everyone can have a look at their results. As always, there is no charge for our event.

Hope everyone is as excited about this as we are,

Dr. Jo

Addendum: To schedule an appointment for the “try on event” at Brookwood Dermatology, call and make an appointment at (205) 824-4441.

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