Non-Surgical “Brow Lift” With Botox


Dr. Jo Herzog explains how a brow lift effect can be achieved by strategic use of Botox and similar injectables. The video that follows shows her injecting dysport to achieve a brow lift effect.

Dermatologist Dr. Jo Herzog

Dr. Jo Herzog

Most women (and men) want to use Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to relax the wrinkles that are formed and occur with facial expression. These drugs work because they stop the action of the muscles that cause the wrinkles. Understanding how these muscles work allows us to take advantage of the balance that can be achieved between functioning and non-functioning muscles when we want to achieve a specific endpoint. One of the things that we can create, when working with this balance, is a small but often significant brow lift.

The forehead muscles help to hold up the brow. When forehead muscles are relaxed enough (or too much), the brow can be lowered. This “lowered brow” is a possible side effect, or complication, of using botox and similar injectables, but it is certainly not a desired outcome.

The muscles that cause glabellar creasing (between the eyes) have an action that pulls the brow area down. Stopping their action allows some raising of the brow. This is an oversimplified explanation, but it gives you an idea of how we have a tug of war going on and may the best balance win…..unless balance is not the plan for your face. Maybe instead of just stopping wrinkles and not addressing the brow, we can take advantage of this play of the muscles and help the brow to rise up. If we give the muscles that pull up a little advantage and stop those that pull down, we can get a bit of a lift of the brow.

In the following video, I use this technique to help Jamie achieve a slight brow lift. Because her forehead is small, she has to choose between a completely smooth forehead with no wrinkles OR a relatively smooth forehead with a slight brow lift. Jamie chooses the latter, as a brow lift is important to her and a completely smooth forehead not so much.

The best way to achieve the results that you want is to see your dermatologist for a consultation. Each face is unique, and a skilled injector can discuss your options with you.

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