8 Great Graduation Party Ideas

These 8 great graduation ideas offer several ways to honor and celebrate your special senior or graduate.


With graduation on the horizon, many of us are looking for unique ways to celebrate and honor our favorite graduates. I asked my friend Kalee of Kalee Baker Events to share some of her favorite graduation party ideas, and these are what she came up with!

Kalee is quite the gifted event planner. She helped me plan the Western Hoedown birthday party for my twins, and it was a wonderful and memorable event. It was one idea that Kalee lists on her Sixteen “Sweet Sixteen” Birthday Party Ideas (a must-read for anyone with daughters).

If you are planning to celebrate a graduate, some of the ideas below might help you get started.

Eight Great Graduation Party Ideas

  1.  Create a photo wall of past pictures placed on the wall in the shape of the graduation year (as in 2016). What a fun backdrop for a big group picture at the end of the night!
  2. Everyone will love your “Bright Future” themed party as you hang lights all over your graduation party space! Give lightbulbs filled with treats as your party favors. You can even ask guests to wear come dressed in their lightest, brightest clothing to add to the fun!
  3. Celebrate your graduate “Through the Years” with blown up pictures from childhood and beyond. Invite the mentors and heroes of the graduate to share what a blessing it has been to watch them grow.
  4. Build a balloon chandelier that will serve as a striking centerpiece for a graduation dinner. You can hang pictures from each ballon string so guests can reminisce while waiting for their dinner to be served! These 11″ GOLD METALLIC BALLOONS are perfect. Tie with gold curly ribbon for an extra festive look.
  5. Have a “Memory Jar” as your guests enter the party, and ask them to write a memory of the honored graduate! What a sweet blessing to the graduate to have those memories when he or she is off to school!
  6. Host a “Keys to Success” themed graduation part, and incorporate keys into all your decor! Find antique keys to serve as your place cards, and make chocolate candy keys out of a mold! Place notes of encouragement and wisdom throughout the decor to remind guests the real meaning of success.
  7. Guests will love celebrating your graduate at a “Before You Sail Away” themed party! Anchors, stripes and nautical everything is sure to kick off the summer before starting school with a splash!
  8. Celebrate your graduate and his or her special friends with a Hollywood themed graduation party where they all get the honorary “star treatment!” Carry the gold and black theme from the the invitations into a golden glittery photo backdrop. Use gold spray painted pears for place cards and gold glitter wooden letters for the graduates’ names.  You can even make bow-tie pasta glitter garland for a touch of whimsy on this glamorous event for the graduates!


What about you? Do you have any special ideas for graduation celebrations? If so, feel free to share in the comments of this post! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!




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