5 Cheap & Easy Meals That Taste Even Better Leftover


These 5 cheap & easy meals that taste even better leftover are budget friendly, simple to make foods that taste as good or better on day two!

MItt Romney’s Favorite Meat Loaf

I am not huge on leftovers, but there are a few foods that really do taste better the next day. There are certainly many foods that could make this list;  these are just my top faves that have have been tried and tested in my own kitchen. Since life never seems to slow down, it is wonderful to have a few fave meals that can do double duty.

  1. Chili. There are countless ways to enjoy chili, and it only gets better with time. We love it eaten from a bowl with saltines and a side salad. The next day (or two), we like to eat it over rice, as a base for taco salad, or as a topper for baked potatoes (see #2). Chili is the ultimate make ahead and freezer friendly food as well, and I often make it to put straight into the freezer to pull out when needed.
  2. Baked potatoes. I make these perfect baked potatoes with crispy, garlicky, salty skins several times a month and stretch them into two meals. I typically make these potatoes every time I make chili. I bake a whole bag of potatoes, and along with a big pot of chili, we get loaded baked potatoes for at least two meals.
  3. Pot roast. This beloved comfort food is also the perfect dish to stretch into several meals. There are many easy ways to fix pot roast (my fave at present is Mississippi Pot Roast with Carrots). Day one is perfect for eating roast, carrots and sides. Leftovers are perfect on toasted buttered subway rolls topped with Swiss and stone ground mustard. If there is enough left over for a day three, I make a skillet hash made from hash brown potatoes, roast, sauteed onions, and a little steak sauce.
  4. Spaghetti. Most folks have their own recipe, (mine is this favorite spaghetti sauce with meat) for this family favorite that never disappoints in the leftover department. My recipe makes enough for several meals, so I keep leftover meat sauce in one airtight container and cooked pasta in another. This enables each family member to make his or her own plate and pop into the microwave as needed.
  5. Meatloaf. This comfort food is the perfect double-duty meal. I often make a double batch of Mitt Romney’s favorite meatloaf for Sunday lunch to enjoy with Mississippi green beans and this effortless & yummy cheesy potato casserole. On Monday, I serve leftover meatloaf on hard rolls or burger buns with barbecue sauce. My famly loves it~even the kids. Where was meatloaf like this when I was growing up?

I hope this helps you plan an easy week of inexpensive meals that your family can enjoy more than once. If you have any fave leftover ideas, please share in the comments of the post. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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