Marie’s Beautiful and Delicious Charcuterie Board~Step By Step


I am sharing exactly how to make my friend Marie’s beautiful and delicious charcuterie board~step by step~for those of you who (like me) just want a list of instructions:-)

Marie's Beautiful and Delicious Charcuterie Board~Step By Step


My friend Marie Marino was a sorority sister of mine years ago and still to this day and sweet and dear friend. Our husbands are friends and business partners as well, so we get to enjoy each others’ company quite often.

Zane and I ate dinner with Marie and E.J. recently, and she had this unreal charcuterie board for us to enjoy. I literally died at how beautiful it was. Of course, I asked her if I could share on the blog (and she said yes:-).

Just look at all the texture, color, heights…..don’t you just love it? And the flavors were wonderful. The briny olives and Dilly beans, the sweet & salty Wicked mix, the smoky meats, the sweet honey drizzled marcona almonds….I could go on and on.

Marie's Beautiful and Delicious Charcuterie Board~Step By StepI’ve launched out before trying to create my own charcuterie. It is hard for me. So….if you are like I am and would rather recreate this lovely board rather than wracking your brain from scratch, the details are below. Of course you can switch things up, but at least the bones of a great board and how to arrange it are already done.

I also include links to the same or similar serving pieces used in Marie’s board. After enjoying hers and declaring that I’d become more proficient at making them, I bought many of the same pieces to inspire me to serve charcuterie to guests.

Do you love charcuterie boards? Are you one who can make your own? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave comments below. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

How to Make This Fab Charcuterie Board (Step By Step)

How to Make This Fab Charcuterie Board~Step By Step

Cheese Board: Real wood is the most traditional cheese board material. Marble or stone is also nice. Link to all of mine below. Note: Wooden boards should be oiled to prevent cracking or splitting. I use Williams-Sonoma’s cutting board mineral oil to treat mine every month or so.

Cheese Knives: A good 3-piece cheese knife set is all you need, and these come in all sorts of fun and traditional styles.

Condiment Bowls: These are for pickles, olives, and other snacks/condiments. Marie used crystal ones for the Dilly beans & olives and an organic pewter bowl for the Wicked Mix. Mixing materials adds interest!

Cracker Tray:  This long rectangular dish is super handy for putting crackers alongside a charcuterie board (rather than layering crackers on the board itself).

Cheeses: Beginning at the top left are the cheeses on the board:

  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Pepper Jack (by the strawberries),
  • Stilton Blue Cheese (by the blackberries),
  • Creamy Brie drizzled with organic honey (near the almonds)
  • Smoked Cheddar with Bacon (above the summer sausage)

Meats (Charcuterie): Marie used summer sausage and pepperoni. The meats can be presented in large portions with a knife for cutting, but I love how this meat is already diced and ready to eat.

Fruit: Fresh strawberries (stem on) and blackberries. I love how the blackberries look next to the blue cheese. Grapes and figs would be another good fruit for this board.

Crackers: The round crackers are from The Fresh Market and are simple wheat crackers with no seasoning to compete with the cheeses. The others are Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Crackers. 

Condiments & Nuts:

  • Dilly Beans are Low Country Produce brand available at The Fresh Market.
  • Marinated Black & Green Olives.
  • Marcona Almonds (smoked paprika flavor)
  • Organic honey (drizzled over Brie)
  • Wicked Mix is a specialty snack mix. It is sold at Publix in the deli section.

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