How to Make Casual Outfits a Little More Chic

Here are a few easy ways I like to make casual outfits a little more chic and sophisticated (for summer).

I am by no means a style maven or fashion expert, but I am trying to up my everyday look just a smidge (because I LIVE in athleisure).  I put together a few simple, inexpensive outfits and then added a few touches to make them more chic. If you like anything you see, I link to everything at the end of the post.

How to Make Shorts a Little More Chic

Pair With a Long Sleeve Silk Top

I love long sleeve silk (or silk-look) shirts and think they look fabulous paired with shorts. Equipment is my favorite; this leopard slim silhouette is a must-have in my closet.


Pair With a Cold Shoulder or Similar Neckline

Even lightweight casual cotton is a bit more sophisticated when it has a cold shoulder or similar skin baring style. Choosing an interesting neutral also ups the chic a bit; this cinnamon color is fab and so pretty with warm metallics and leopard.


Pair with a monochromatic top.

Sometimes keeping the color neutral and monochromatic is enough to add a touch of chic to a simple, casual outfit.  The top below not only is in the same color range; it also has an interesting neckline. The sunglasses stand out against the “mostly white” look.


Pair With a Sweater Knit

The sleeveless sweater below has a great feel and texture and gives a much more chic look to simple shorts than would a tee shirt or cotton top. 


Add statement accessories~a hat, earrings and/or sunglasses.

All of the outfits above go even more chic with a simple but fun hat. Add fun earrings and leopard sunglasses for even more sass:-)

How to Make a Skirt a Little More Chic

Pair with a black sleeveless sweater.

I couldn’t live without my black sleeveless sweater(s). They literally go with everything. Shorts. Jeans. Skirts. Wide leg pants. 

Pair with a classic belt. I splurged on a Gucci Belt this year (read how I got it for less in this post) and consider it one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It is my favorite accessory.  Any good belt can take a simple skirt and top and tie them together for a chic look.

Pair with cute (but comfy) shoes.

When I wear a skirt, I am super particular about my shoes (they show~so they have to be cute). I LOVE these Cork-Ease wedges because they have the look and comfort that I love.

Everything that I am wearing (and similar) is in the collage below. 

I’d love to hear from any of you who have ideas for adding a touch of chic to simple, everyday outfits. Always feel free to leave comments; I love them:-) As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed and savvy day.

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