How to Shop, Cook (and Look) Fabulous for Christmas 2019!


Here are some savvy tips for making shopping, cooking, and looking your best for Christmas 2019!!!

Family Savvy Christmas 2019
Green Christmas balls with holiday background

How to Make Christmas Shopping Easy and Stress Free

I’ve been trying my best to make shopping easier this year. Now that I have a new son-in-love (my oldest twin got married in August), there are more gifts to place under our tree. Here are things I plan to do to make Christmas shopping low/no stress.

  • Order early, online, and from one (or fewer) places. Last year I literally had returns to so many different stores, I had trouble remembering what gifts came from where. This year, I’m keeping my circle small.
  • Wrap, label and hide gifts as soon as purchased. Last year, when I looked at a huge pile of unwrapped gifts a few days before Christmas, I declared then to do things early this year.
  • Consider cash, attached to smaller, practical gifts. Cash is king, so buying mostly stocking stuffers and gifting with money will be appreciated, especially by peeps who know what they love and are hard to buy for.

Check Out My Family Savvy Amazon Store

Even though many (myself included) love supporting small and local businesses, the reality for many of us is this: we don’t have time to “go out and shop.” The outlet with the biggest selection, easiest to navigate site, best customer service and of course, fastest delivery, wins. There is none better at all of these (for online at least) than amazon. When I need most anything, I can have it delivered to my doorstep with just a few clicks.

You can now find all my Family Savvy faves and recommended products in one place~my new amazon storefront! No more digging back into old blog posts or gift guides to find items~everything is categorized in the store (and updated regularly as new products come my way).

There are several ways to find the amazon store. Here goes.


Click on My Amazon Store in the top right corner of the Family Savvy Blog

My Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

I’m busy rounding up my fave products for the Holiday Gift Guide 2019! I’ll share gifts in several categories. You can shop products for loved ones~men, friends, dog (or cat), children~and even yourself. In the short video below I share a snippet of what’s on the list:-)

Animal Print Looks 

With Black Friday coming up, most retailers will have huge sales. This is the perfect time to buy higher priced pieces. Designer brands may or may not be included in sales, but you CAN get store points (Saks has great ones) for large purchases. If you ever plan to buy a Gucci belt, the holidays are the perfect “excuse.”

In the video below, I share a few of my fave animal print pieces and how to style them with a Gucci belt. Some of these (if not most) are year round.  For warm seasons, bare legs and wedges and jeans go great with these. For cooler seasons or cold weather, I pair these with leggings, sweaters, boots and jackets.

The Pressure Cooker That is Replacing the Instant Pot

Y’all, you must check out my new “toy” that is getting RAVE reviews. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, don’t buy one until you check out this Ninja Foodie. I got mine here at Macy’s because it is on sale, and I had Macy’s star reward points. I am obsessed with this kitchen workhorse. Check it out in the video below.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you a joyful, blessed and SAVVY day!!!

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