How to Style A Christmas Table (With Links to Exact Products)


Here is the Christmas holiday table scape that I am using this year, along with where to buy any of the items that you might love!!!

You can create a GORGEOUS holiday table using pieces you already own. Who wants to buy Christmas china? Not me!!! I want add holiday touches to make what I have look festive and lovely.

My friend Dykes from At Home Furnishings in Homewood, Alabama, helped me pull together a holiday theme using the china and chargers that I already own. I have Vietri “Fresh” in pure white along with vietri chargers and other glass/gold chargers that up level any table setting. Links of all my pieces and similar will be at the end of the post.

My Christmas Table Reel

Below is the instagram reel that shows how we put the table together on the floor of At Home Furnishings. Since my house is under renovation, we used a lovely table in the store!

Table runner + napkins.

I chose to use a 72″ holiday table runner instead of a table cloth. If you want a runner to drape the ends of the table, you can go longer than 72″ (or put smaller ones together to add length). Since my table is long, I chose to use one that will be centered in the middle for the foundation. I chose dark green napkins for a holiday vibe (and because they will wash easier than white)! The beaded napkin rings are gorgeous! 

Placemats, chargers and china.

  • We started by laying out round metallic silver placemats to add a “silver and gold” vibe to the decor. Mixing gold and silver is fine and festive!
  • Next, atop the placemats went my gold ruffled chargers. Gorgeous chargers elevate a table like nothing else. I’ve invested in several patterns that I use on different tables for large parties.
  • Dinner plates are next. My Vietri “Fresh” everyday china looks elegant when placed on top of the beautiful chargers.  Tip: Invest in elegant chargers and save on simple white dinnerware.

Traditional + vintage drink ware.

Dykes showed me how to create interest and add nostalgia with colored vintage drink ware. We started with gorgeous triangular gold-rimmed wine glasses. Then, we added tea and water glasses in textured pieces in green and pink. This “grandmillenial theme” is HUGE right now, and I love it!!! For those who may want to incorporate similar pieces, I linked to beautiful pieces on sale right now.

Christmas trees, candles, reindeer and more.

Once the foundation of the table is set, the fun part begins!!! Simply “fill in” with holiday themed pieces that you love! I chose to use Christmas trees and reindeer. Other options would be Santas, nutcrackers, angels, snowmen, and more. Here are a few tips for making whatever you choose look best.

  • Vary heights for interest.
  • Use “odd numbers” when possible (i.e.3 or 5 pillar candles).
  • Mix & match silver, gold, white, and color. Be creative!!
  • Use LED candles. I love the tapers I bought, as they look real and will last for years.

Shop my Christmas table below.

Watch the video of my table being put together!

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