Get Your Feet Sandal Ready with a Foot Soak + Baby Foot Exfoliating Peel

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My listerine vinegar foot soak post has been updated for 2022; here is the BEST recipe for soft, smooth, sandal ready feet!

Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak for Soft, Smooth Feet?


Is the Listerine Vinegar foot soak still a thing in 2022?

Several years ago, the official “Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak For Soft Smooth Feet” was a viral post on Facebook. Here is exactly how the wording appeared:

Ideal to help with those crusty feet! Get it right ladies!! …the BEST way to get your feet ready for summer. Sounds crazy but it works! Mix 1/4c Listerine, 1/4c vinegar and 1/2c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes–the dead skin will practically wipe off!

This “recipe” was forwarded and reposted literally millions of times! From Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and more! The viral nature of the post left questions in the minds of many, including myself. First, my long-time friend and dermatologist, Dr. Jo Herzog, will share her thoughts on the foot soak. Next, I will share my personal experience.

Listerine vinegar foot soak

Dr. Jo’s opinion of the Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak

Dr. Jo Herzog, dermatologist
Dermatologist Dr. Jo Lynn Herzog

I have been asked to comment on a widely circulating Facebook post about an amazing foot soak comprised of a mixture of Listerine, vinegar, and water. The claim is that this soak causes the dead skin to “peel off.”  So, is this truth or hype?

First, I’ll address the question, “Does a Listerine and vinegar foot soak remove dry, dead skin?” If you have dry feet, this soak certainly couldn’t hurt, and it might even help.  Your feet will surely be clean and tingly when you are done, especially if you use cool mint Listerine. The most you can lose is ten minutes and a few cents.

I am also asked by many patients, “Does Listerine kill foot fungus?” The answer is a clear yes. Listerine contains Thymol, an ingredient that does kill some bacteria and fungi. Although the concentration is lower in this than in some prescription products, it probably does “kill germs.”

Patients also ask, “What happens when you soak your feet in vinegar?”  Vinegar is acetic acid, and in a high enough concentration, it can cause irritation. Acetic acid contributes to cavity formation by eroding enamel from teeth. This might lead some to think that in low concentrations it can work to soften the skin and make it easier to exfoliate. In addition to acidic properties, vinegar can act as an antibacterial agent.

There have been several things written supporting the notion that vinegar and water soaks can be used to soften dry, cracked heels. Some even recommend this for mild athlete’s foot. As I said earlier, it is worth a try if you have the time and the ingredients readily on hand.

There certainly is nothing wrong with or worrisome about soaking your feet in something safe enough to put in your mouth, so why not try this and see for yourself? If nothing else, the soak could help with smelly feet, which I write about in this post. 

Hope this helped,

Dr. Jo


My Experience with Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak

Now that we’ve heard from Dr. Jo, I would like to share my own experience with the foot soak. I tried this firsthand so that I could show you how well this works. So, here are some of my tips and opinions on how effective the Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak truly is.

What is the official “recipe” for Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak?

The original recipe calls for 1/2 cup each of vinegar and Listerine with 1 cup of water. However, I discovered a different “recipe” that worked better for me. These are my personal tweaks, based on experimentation and learning from others who’ve shared great ideas. My proportions are as follows:

Family Savvy Recipe for Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak
1 cup of Listerine
1 cup of vinegar
Warm water to cover the top of feet

How Long Do You Soak Your Feet in Listerine and Vinegar? 

Dr. Jo recommends a minimum of 20 minutes for this or any foot soak. In the video below, I share her step by step “prescription” for how to use a foot soak as part of a sure-fire routine to get (and keep) soft feet.

Dr. Jo’s prescription for the best foot soak method.

I recently bought this Ebanel 40 % Urea cream + 2% salicylic acid that received high ratings on amazon. I texted Dr. Jo and asked her if it would be beneficial for feet. She responded yes IF used the best way for optimal results. In the video below, I share her easy method to get the softest feet possible.

Will Listerine Color My Feet or Toes Blue/Green?

Some have encountered the problem of having their feet and/or toes turn blue or green when soaking in the Listerine vinegar solution. If this happens, Dr. Jo reports that it will go away (typically within a day or two).

Disclaimer: If you have diabetes or foot conditions that require medical supervision, always consult with a doctor before self-treatment.

My Other Favorite Products for Soft, Smooth Feet

  • For removing dry, dead skin, one of the best products I’ve tried is Baby Foot. It is basically a chemical peel for feet, and it really does make dry dead skin “peel right off.” Dr. Jo also recommends Baby Foot and advises against the cheaper copycat versions.
  • My DIY recipe for Listerine vinegar sugar scrub for feet is a powerful combo of Listerine + vinegar in an exfoliating scrub. I love it!!! 
  • For stubborn callouses, an electronic foot file that removes callouses can be hugely helpful. This one is top-rated by amazon and receives high reviews from users.

Is Cracked Heels a vitamin deficiency?

While cracked heels is not really a cause of concern, deficiencies in Vitamin C, B-3, and E may cause dry and cracked heels. Eczema, athlete’s food, and other similar conditions may also cause cracked heels.

What happens if you never wash your feet?

According to experts, when you don’t wash your feet, you are at risk of having a more oily and dry skin. Bacteria and fungi or yeast may also accumulate causing infections, which can also cause warts.

What is dry feet a sign of?

Thyroid conditions may be spotted if the skin around the ball or heel of your foot is flaky, cracked, and dry. Certain hormones that are responsible for controlling nervous system functions, blood pressure, metabolic rate, and tissue growth are produced by your thyroid glands. One of the signs that you may have a thyroid problem is dry skin.

Consider a foot cleaning device.

Keeping feet clean is something we do daily, so why not make the most of the routine? I recently purchased a device that has 6 different heads and a long handle attachment. I share how I use it in the short video below and also link to similar items.

If you want even more ways to use this powerful mouth rise, check out my post: 9 Savvy Ways to Use Listerine Besides Mouthwash. There are so many ways to use it besides oral care!

There you have it~my tried and true products and techniques for achieving and maintaining soft feet. I’d love to hear back from you if you try any of these products, so please feel free to leave comments!  As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay soft-feet savvy.



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  1. @ Robert F Mix

    For athletes foot fungus, Tea Tree Oil is your hero. It’s inexpensive and readily available. Just be sure to get a reputable brand, so that you know you can trust it. I prefer an organic version. You’ll find that Tea Tree Oil has a unique smell. It’s not unpleasant, and reminds me of the scent of the original Listerene.

    For the successful removal of toenail fungus, follow this simple method:
    Apply to cuticles and toenails with a q-tip.

    This is very important: You’ll need to use this daily until your new healthy nails have grown all the way out. For the rest of your feet, dilute the Tea Tree Oil with coconut oil. A few drops in about a tablespoon of the coconut oil, should be enough to cover your feet, and hands (and fingernails), as well. I’ve seen this work successfully for my husband, who had also battled it for decades. I am an RN, and I wouldn’t ever recommend something unless I knew it to be truly effective. Blessings to you!


  2. Hi Jennifer, I went to the site and that product is no longer available. I will try to find something similar. You might google search as well and find something you like. Good luck!!

  3. Hi!! Would it be possible to update the link on the battery operated device you use for feet? What was the name of the company – I can try to search the store on Amazon. I really need something like what you featured in the video. Thank you!!

  4. I may not have been clear:-) The soak DID feel good and soften my skin a bit, but it did NOT make dry, dead skin peel off. Hope this helps!!!

  5. So I may have missed it but you didn’t say whether this actually worked or not???

  6. Hi Beverly, the Fanci has been discountinued! I am currently looking for a similar tool. I will let you all know as soon as I find one.

  7. I would like to find The Fancy tool you use on your feet and face. I cannot find it.

  8. I cant find the link for the tool u used in your video. Please share so I can purchase it. Thank u!

  9. Awesome I am trying the solution as I have psoriasis and my feet have so much extra skin as well as my legs hopefully it and the sugar scrub will help

  10. Well I never used listerine or apple cider vinegar how ever I think I will give it a try thank you

  11. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! Actually, all of the beauty recipes can be used on mature feet (that would be me LOL unless there is an open wound or other medical condition (always check with your doctor). Blessings to you!!! XoXo

  12. I love your beauty recipes for the feet. I would like to know if you have any for mature skin.

  13. I have calluses on my feet after I soak my feet in the apple cider vinegar with the mother and the Listerine for a few minutes is it okay if I scrub it with one of them Foot stones to remove the rest of the calluses.

  14. Hi Licia, I am about to change the post to specify using original (yellow) listerine to avoid this problem. If you read one of the last comments from another reader who had this problem, Dr. Jo weighed in and said that it will go away. Glad your feet are soft but next time, use the yellow. I’ll change the blog now:-)

  15. I tried this today but it made my toenails green? Yes it softened my feet to get rid of callouses but now how do I get rid of the green?

  16. Hi Susan, I just emailed Dr. Jo about your concern. She said the following:

    Jamie, I always specify to use original yellow listerine. We know that the blue and green stain your feet and nails. As for the reader’s green staining; it will wear off. She can try soaking in dilute bleach bath. One tsp bleach per gallon water.

    Susan, let me know if you try this and what works. Keep us posted!


  18. I have very calloused dry heels and thickening on the balls of the feet, so I decided to try this DIY. I Doubled the formula and added lemon juice. After one ten minute soak the results were beyond amazing. After another ten minute soak my feet are now completely callous free
    Thank You

  19. This really does work. Used 1-1-2 & soaked feet for about 30 minutes. My feet did not look blue but I was pretty amazed when I dried my first foot and dead skin began to just fluff off. I ran my fingernails down the arch of my foot and dead skin was caked under my nails. I switched to a letter opener and it just fell off into the towel. Very impressive results!!

  20. I have used this for a few years and I have to say that you need to get the proportions correct. This is 1 measure of listerine , 1 measure of white vinegar and 2 measures of warm water. Make sure that you have enough to cover your feet! You then soak for 15 minutes and use a scrubby or pumice stone to remove the soft dead skin. I personally find just using a rough towel works! Use a foot cream to keep the skin soft. It can take more than one go to remove all the old dead skin but this is a simple, cheap and easy way to have nice feet.

  21. a question… Can you use an off brand of they Listerine? Kroger Brand or Walgreen brand??

  22. Hi Iris! The only thing that makes my dead skin peel is Baby Foot. I did a review of it on the blog, along with pictures. Check it out!

  23. I was expecting to peel of skin but nothing came off. My feet smell and feel amazing though (I also realized I had a hidden cut in between my toes, man it hurt! Will the skin peel as it dries? Mine is just thick and I cut at it a lot. Would try again though

  24. So I was curious to try this foot soak the one with the vinegar and listerine, just because I had to try it and I’m glad I did although for me I tweaked the recipe.

    0. Because my feet was a little rough I used the ped egg power to remove some of the coarseness and buff them.

    0. For my recipe I did the following: 1 cup of yellow mouthwash (this was off brand because I wasn’t going to buy listerine) instead of vinegar I did 1 cup of peroxide 1/2 cup of bath salt. Fill basin up with warm to hot water.
    0. I soak my feet for about 30-45 minutes. So usually while I’m playing the game or watching TV.
    0. Once I’m done I wipe and dry my feet.
    0. Afterwards when they are dry and if I’m going to bed. I put feet repair cream on them so either Avon foot works or burts bee feet cream. In a pinch I would recommend cocoa butter. Then put on the socks leave them on for the night. This leaves your feet looking and feeling smooth.
    0. When it’s not close to bed time I dry my feet off and let them breathe. They look, smell, and feel amazing.

    I do this three times a week and my feet look and feel amazing.

  25. Hi Robert! I sent your question to Dr. Jo. Her answer is below!!

    Dear tennis feet,

    Firstly , if the fungus had not killed you yet it probably won’t but it can cause cracks in skin and make you more prone to other infections. I don’t think vinegar and water will kill fungus but listerine might help keep it at bay. Use yellow as blue might turn your feet blue. Some lotrimin cream twice a day and some antifungal spray in shoes might help too . Spray in shoes after removing and wear different pair next day, alternate . Hope that helps .

    Dr jo

  26. Dear Dr.Herzog– Mine is a 70-year old case of athlete’s foot, contracted in my very first year of college, playing tennis in dirty socks. Before that, I recall obligatory foot baths at pool exit that somehow kept me clean. Would your Listerine/vinegar foot baths rid me of this malady if practiced after showers? Could it at least hold the fungal development at bay? (I’m an 86-year old widower seeking to prolong my span for a few minutes more.)

  27. I tried this soak but this is how I did mine.
    I mixed equal parts of the green minty off label mouthwash and white vinegar. In my case 2 cups each. I then added a teaspoon of tea tree oil and a cup of sugar. A little not of hot water so the mixture wasn’t cold. I then soaked my feet in just that using the sugar as a scrub on the bottom for about 10 minutes. Next I added enough hot water to cover the tips of my feet. I soaked for an additional 30 mine. (Had I had more hot water handy I would have added more and done and additional 30.) Next I rinsed my feet and the dead skin did turn a green shade! Scrub brush and pumice stone and my feet feel cool, tingly, refreshed and smooth!

  28. Hi Kathy! I appreciate your feedback! I did it again last week and did for half an hour. Felt great afterwards~cool and tingly. Take care!!!

  29. I saw this remedy posted quite some time ago but just finally got around to trying it. I normally use a foot file on my heels with each shower but that only helped to a certain point. I didn’t really measure the ingredients for this soak but it was probably pretty close to 1/2 cup of Fresh Burst listerine and 1/2 c vinegar.I also went to the dollar store and bought a kitty litter pan and filled it about 1/4 of the way and added listerine and vinegar. Soaked for about 30 minutes while I had my lunch and read through comments here. Then again used a foot file to remove the dead skin. My feet are tingly fresh and look pretty good. I think it will have to be repeated a few more times but it does help. Smells great too!!

  30. Hi Kerrielou, you made some good observations. I would love to crack the code on what formulation best mimics the spa/pool effect. If you find out, please let me know!!!

  31. I have very dry, thick, cracked heels and I do know it is possible to exfoliate a substantial amount just by soaking. The skin literally wipes off with a towel. The problem is figuring out what does it. I have only had it happen accidentally by having my feet in a chlorinated pool or hot tub with my feet submerged for over an hour. At first I thought it was just having them submerged for so long, but I’ve soaked for 90 minutes in just hot water and nothing. I have tried Listerine previously and did not see any positive results to write home about. I have not tried vinegar. I would love to find something that safely mimicked the exfoliating properties in a chemically treated pool or spa to use as a foot soak. I’m just not sure what those properties are that have this effect. It is glorious when it happens though. I’ve used acidic products similar to Baby Foot as well as an electric callus remover, but nothing comes close to an hour in a chemically treated spa or pool. The problem is I don’t have regular access to either one of those :(

  32. Hi Mehreen, the only one I’ve ever used (and the one Dr. Jo writes about) is listerine. You could try the generic version, as it probably has similar ingredients:-) Hope this helps!


  34. This was such an enjoyable read….I loved it people with blue feet now I know what you did…A guy with big feet ha…this just made my day…I guess I shall try it now only without the blue listerine :)

  35. The foot bath worked for me! Not for callouses, I had stinky feet. OTC foot stuff did nothing for my feet. This did! No matter how many times I scrubbed my feet or OTC stuff I used, didn’t work, I used Listerine Whitening (didn’t want blue feet) , with vinegar and water! LOVE IT!

  36. Lisa, I hope the soak helps! My husband thinks that Baby Foot is the best thing ever, and he declares that it heals his athletes feet!!!! Let me hear what works for you!!!

  37. Had what is possibly Poison Sumac really bad on my feet last year. Well, low and behold it is Spring and starting to come back? Not sure why but the same blistery and itchy symptoms. So I am going to try this simply for the fact the antibacterial listerine may help kill the creeping crud lol and may add some peroxide I also, many years ago, partially amputated my left big toe and the nail has never quite grown in right. So wondering if this will help to remove the dead skin etc that happens underneath and rejuvenate the growth for the new one? Fingers crossed! My girlfriends all use to say I had feet that could model. Not so much anymore :(

  38. Hi Cindy, thanks so much for sharing this! It sounds like a wonderful solution to soften feet. I’m going to try this for myself. Blessings to you!

  39. podiatrist nurse suggested 1 cup vinegar, squirt of dawn dish soap in enough warm water to cover feet. soak 15 minutes, scrub & dry. softens calluses & kills foot fungus. I do this for my home health clients and rub their feet with coco butter or shea butter

  40. I have used jello powder form the packet, mix as per normal directions in hot water and soak feet for 2o minutes. Your feet will turn the color of the jello but that helps me know where to scrub to take off all the dead skin. After the scrub, the feet look great. I like yellow for my skin tone as it doesnt leave a lot discoloration. Much cheaper than listerine <1$

  41. The Listerine- vinegar mix doesn’t do much by way of exfoliation, but the Listerine-peroxide solution does. Peroxide is a natural debrider , so I use that mix more.

  42. Hi Samantha! I am so glad that this gave you some good results! As you said, it isn’t an instant result, but persistence is key. Thanks for sharing with us!

  43. I have eczema really bad on my feet, which makes obtaining summer feet that look great in sandals nearly impossible. I exfoliate regularly, but have read about and tried this recipe for the first time today. I made a larger batch of the mixture so that I could soak more area of both feet at once. I was not disappointed! Not only did my feet feel fresh, but they were tingly as well. Further, my skin did not change colors. Once I was done with the soak, I did dry my feet and have a little bit of dead skin come off. Since I have a long way to go to reach my goal of beautiful summer feet, I did not go into this with the expectation of immediate results. I took before and after shots of my feet so as to have a comparison. I do anticipate doing this several times a week, and I am grateful to finding this article. Thank you!

  44. I have eczema on my feet really bad, so having summer feet that look great in sandals is something I struggle with. I mixed a larger batch of the mixture than what was given so that I could soak more areas on both of my feet at the same time. This mixture did not disappoint! My skin didn’t turn colors, and they are fresh and tingly. Since I have a lot of skin that needs to slough off (despite exfoliating regularly), I didn’t expect a lot of skin to come off with the first try. I did have some come off when I rubbed my feet with a cloth though, which gave me hope. Given the amount of eczema on my feet, I will have to do this regularly over the next several months to get a better feeling on how successful this treatment will be. I did take a picture of my feet as a sort of before and after shots for comparison. I am beyond happy that I found this recipe to finally obtain summer feet. Thank you!

  45. If you have really bad yellow callouses that keep coming back you may have a rare foot disease called pachyonchia congentia (runs in the family). Look that one up. This treatment won’t do much for it. Better to try an alkaline soak with baking soda instead of acidic chemistry. Something that’s alkaline (a base) is the opposite of something that’s acidic. Drain cleaners are Very alkaline and soften or eat up organics. Callouses are organic but Don’t use drain cleaner on them !

  46. I think the reason feet are turning blue, is because it is dying the dead skin. Mine wiped/rubbed off just fine. I, too, had to use a foot file and pumice stone; the skin did not ‘practically fall off’, but it was a nice treat for my feet. I made a huge batch of the recipe to fill my foot bath, soaked for 30 minutes, scraped feet, and soaked again for another 15 minutes. Maybe not as miraculous as advertised, but feels nice anyway.

  47. Hi Tracy, thanks so much for sharing that! I feel very good about the “natural” aspects of this soak. Nothing harsh or chemically based. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you!!!

  48. I found this soak to be the best ever, I use it regularly and see my pedicurist once a month..He is very appreciative of my use of this recipe. I have had callouses since I was a child, very happy with the results. It does not burn or damage skin as so many of the chemically based products do. I give 5 stars.

  49. Just so everyone knows, the reason your feet are probably turning blue from the blue Listerine, it is because vinegar (or salt) is a mordant. A mordant is a substance that sets color when dying wool or other fabrics and I guess is must work on your skin and toe nails too.

  50. Just so everyone knows, the reason your feet are probably turning blue from the blue listerine, it is because vineger (or salt) is a mordant. A mordant is a substance that sets color when dying wool or other fabrics and I guess is must work on your skin and toe nails too.

  51. I have done this for years upon the advice of an elderly neighbor lady. However I don’t do anywhere near that much water and have never added listerine. I usually do straight apple cider vinegar and my feet stay in while my favorite show is on – so about an hour. :).
    If needed I scrub with a loofah however usually dead skin floats to the top & makes vinegar cloudy.

  52. Hi Jamie,

    Which type of pumice stone do you recommend for the callouses. I am trying to
    get one in Vancouver but cannot get

  53. I suffered the same fate as Samm McCaslin. I used blue listerine and my feet turned blue and I had to scrub like crazy to get it to go away. Unfortunately, it didn’t all come off and today I’m in ballet flats. Lesson learned: Google any home remedies before you try it!

  54. ,Yea… makes feet feel softer, but doesn’t actually “wipe right off”. When “sandals” season arrive I routinely after a good peel or pedicure I am doing very good using Baiden Mitten after shower all summer. It use just water and no time.

  55. Hi Samm, you aren’t the first to report green feet from the soak~LOL! At least your step-brother got a good laught, and it will go away:-) Blessings to you!

  56. This worked very well for making my feet feel smooth and soft but dead skin did not just wipe off. A con to this, along with the dead skin not wiping off, is that this turned my feet green. Yup, the dye from the listerine and using the vinegars help, this turned my feet green. I wish I could upload a photo and show you all this hilarious sight. My step-brother was laughing on the floor at my feet for ten minutes.

  57. The foot soak DOES work for loosening, softening and removing dead, hard, calloused skin. You need 3 additional things: much more of the vinegar & Listerine for the bottom of your feet to be immersed, 20-30 minutes of patience while your feet soak, and a pumice stone (or tool of choice) to slough while your feet are wet. Finish with some form of moisturizer (Vaseline will suffice) and your feet will almost be like velvet. My CRUSTY feet are the running joke in my household, and an eyesore too. Very happy to have a remedy that easily removes the mortified layers!

  58. Hi Kit, that is interesting to know. I’ve actually had the “hot feet” at night, and it is not a pleasant experience!:-) Will have to try this:-)

  59. I tried it,the dead skin doesn’t just wipe off, I used an old paring knife (at the $$$ store). Scrape it,rinse,&lotion up. Wallah!. To the woman who kept adding water b/c water got cold,it dilutes the formula,add other ingredients.. It really works.

  60. I’ve heard of this remedy before, but it was for people who have hot flashes or hot feet at night. Use cold water instead, and the vinegar listerine combo draws the heat out of your feet so you can get back to sleep.

  61. The formula helped soften the hard stuff on my skin enough to easily remove it with a pumice stick. My feet was like walking on cracked glass before. To keep them soft over night, I use Gold Bond foot cream and put plastic grocery bags over my feet held on with socks. The feet are really moist the next morning which means sweat, but thank goodness the foot cream has a deodorizer element contained. I filtered my Listerine mix back in a jug using a nylon net so to reuse a few times more and save money. Hoping it will keep my feet from returning to a dried out state so quickly during the work day.

  62. I had a stubborn case of athlete’s foot for years…despite several doctor visits and all kinds of prescriptions, it never went away. Finally I soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar and it got rid of my athlete’s foot 100%. I couldn’t believe the amount of time, money and itching I had gone through and resolved with this simple solution.

  63. I agree with you; a bit of effort is required to make this (or anything) work to transform feet from rough to smooth. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  64. Based on the varied responses, I’ve concluded that although we all have feet, all of our feet are not equal, thus respond differently to the soak. Thankfully, I had a positive response. My feet looked and felt better after the soak. I have very hard, dry feet due to poor foot circulation; so, I still had to put forth some muscle along with the soak to help get softer, cleaner feet. However, not as much as I would have needed had I not used the soak. Thus, this recipe is a winner for me—so refreshing and “feet friendly”!!! Can’t wait to try it on my husband. Thanks for the share!!

  65. Use 1-cup regular or generic brand mouth wash,(I used a generic light brownish color, Walmart brand), and 1-cup vinegar, 2-cups hot water, and few drops of peppermint essential oil, 2 drops of dish soap, and handful of Epson salt, let feet soak for a good while, (watch a movie) then dry off feet with rough towel……. my water was left gross from all the dead skin that came off, and the towel had to be shook to remove dead skin, I then moisturized feet with coconut oil every night … have never had dry or smelly feet since then… not sure if was the soak or coconut oil? but it worked!

  66. My husband was in the hospital for seven weeks and recovering at home for another; today he was finally ready for a “pedi”. We followed the recipe and I added hot water twice while he soaked for about 30 minutes – I had thought about reheating the entire mixture but he was too weary for me to fuss with the soak. I CAREFULLY used a callus scrubber and trimmed his nails. WOW! His feet look so fresh and healthy. I’m going to treat myself in about an hour :-)

  67. Better than to add hot water is to decant the mixture into a small plastic bowl and microwave on full for two minutes thus maintaining the strength of the mixture.

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