Let’s Talk: An Enneagram 7 During a Pandemic



In this episode of The SavvyCast, Marie Marino talks about being an enneagram 7 during a pandemic (or when things are bad and times are tough).

enneagram 7 podcast
Marie and me pre-COVID when times were good

Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast

My friend Marie is a textbook enneagram 7, often referred to as “the enthusiast.”  Enneagram 7’s are classic reformers, trying to find the silver lining in every situation. They seek fun and pleasure, and are the most likely to be up for the next party. The enneagram 7 is in the head/fear triad. The enneagram 7, 8 and 3 are the most energetic of the enneagram types.

When things are bad.

7’s go to great lengths to avoid pain and negative feelings. When the reality of hard times stares them in the face, 7’s tend to cover their ears and sing “la la la la” to avoid facing reality. An inverse of the enneagram 4, the enneagram 7 in uncomfortable with dark spaces. It has been said that the enneagram 7 can be found “seeking a friend for the end of the world.” In this first half of 2020, this certainly seems like the end of the world at times.

Jordan and Marie discuss some core issues

Enneagram expert Jordan Jones helps Marie understand the “why” behind her typical 7 response to pain and adversity. Marie’s insight and self introspection helps us all understand how a 7 thinks and feels, and it is quite fascinating. To hear the fascinating conversation, listen to the podcast above or on your favorite podcast platform.

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The Road Back to You: An Enneagram  Journey to Self-Discovery 

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