Let’s Talk : The Electoral College

In this episode of The SavvyCast, we talk about the electoral college, how (and why) it started, how it works, and how some states are trying to turn their electoral votes into popular votes.


Jordan Jones joins The SavvyCast to discuss the electoral college, how it works, how it would be changed (if it ever does), and more.


Who is Jordan Jones?  

Jordan Jones received his law degree from Florida State University in 2010 and is currently practicing law in the state of Florida. Jordan has worked for the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Division of Elections, where his primary work was with voter fraud. He currently works in the Florida House of Representatives as a legal analyst for criminal, civil, and judicial bills. He also works alongside legislators as House Special Master.        

What is the electoral college?

electoral college podcast


We start our conversation by getting an “electoral college 101” lesson from Jordan. He shares how the electoral college began, why it was started, and how it works. This is excellent material for young and old alike.

Points addressed in this podcast.

  • Why the electoral college is good despite many claims that it is “outdated”
  • How our Founding Fathers framed elections and voting vs. What we do now
  • How the electoral college has evolved over time
  • What a “winner-takes-all” state is
  • Faithless Electors
  • How the map on election night is unofficial
  • When we vote for the president, we are essentially making these votes for the electoral college
  • How different states utilize their electoral college
  • How some states are trying to use their electoral college to let the majority votes win

Resources related to this podcast:

  • You can follow Jordan on Twitter @fifthletterllc 
  • You may contact him at william.jordan.jones@gmail.com.

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