Instant Pot Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Instant Pot crispy roasted potatoes have crispy skins with buttery-soft insides~and are made start to finish in one pot (no oven or stovetop required).

Instant Pot Crispy PotatoesThese Instant Pot crispy roasted potatoes are one of my top reasons for loving the Instant Pot. I can have perfectly crisp & tender potatoes in less than 30 minutes without turning on the oven or heating up a skillet. Since we are a potato loving family, the Instant Pot is now my go-to method for cooking these yummy spuds that taste skillet seared and roasted (but were cooked 100% in the Instant Pot~start to finish).

In two easy steps, the Instant Pot cooks up these yummy spuds. First, the potatoes are crisped up and browned in the pot by using the SAUTE feature. You simply add oil and seasonings, press SAUTE, and throw the potatoes in the pot~which heats up like a skillet. Stir the potatoes as needed (lid is off the pot during this process). Second, when potatoes are crisped, just add a 1/2 cup of liquid and PRESSURE for 7 minutes on high.

Once you brown the potatoes, the rest is hands off. After you put the Instant Pot on pressure cook for 7 minutes, you can run errands, take a nap, whatver you need to do. The pot will turn off when the potatoes are done, and the warm feature will keep them warm until serving time.


If you have an Instant Pot and make these, I’d love to hear how they turn out for you. I make these often to serve with Mississippi Roast and carrots and perfectly roasted whole chicken.  Simple and easy comfort food! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

Instant Pot Crispy Roasted Potatoes
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  • 5 TB fat (I use 3-4 extra virgin olive oil and 1-2 butter or ghee)
  • 1-2 pounds baby yukon, baby red, or fingerling potatoes
  • kosher salt, ground pepper, garlic salt to taste
  • rosemary sprigs (optional but fantastic flavor)
  • 1/2 cup broth or water


  • Turn Instant Pot on SAUTE.
  • Add fat.
  • Prick surface of potatoes with a fork several times. If potatoes are large, cut in half.
  • When Instant Pot is hot and oil heated, add potatoes.
  • Sprinkle potatoes with seasonings, stirring occasionally to brown all sides.
  • When potatoes are browned on all sides to your liking, add broth.
  • Place lid on Instant Pot and close securely.
  • Press MANUAL, then PRESSURE (choose high), then move the - or + until you reach 7 minutes.
  • Remove potatoes when ready to eat (Instant Pot will keep warm until ready to eat).