Meteorologist Ashley Gann Shares All Things About Her Job, Family, And Faith

Birmingham locals probably know the amazing Ashley Gann from the CBS 42 weather. This week, Ashley joins me to discuss her career in meteorology, her family, the business she owns with her husband, and the faith that inspires it all. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week on The SavvyCast, CBS 42 Chief Meteorologist Ashley Gann joins me to share about her life, career, and faith. Not only is Ashley an incredibly successful meteorologist, but she is also a business owner and entrepreneur. In this episode, Ashley shares how she began her career, how she balances her home and work life, as well as the details of her family-owned business. 

Who Is Ashley Gann? 

 Emmy-nominated Ashley Gann is the Chief Meteorologist at CBS 42 and is a doting mother of 4, wife, and active member of her church. Nearly 8 years ago the Lord called Ashley and her family to Birmingham where she became the first female chief meteorologist in the Birmingham TV market, and to date, the only one. While most people know Ashley for her weather coverage, Ashley is also a proud business owner with her husband Derek. While he runs the day-to-day operations, Ashley casts the vision and is an entrepreneur at heart. Together, Ashley and Derek have built a family-owned and operated business that reaches across the entire state of Alabama.  Most recently Ashley was inducted into Auburn’s Top 20 Alumni under 40 and last year, received the prestigious Minority Business Awards Young Professional of the Year. Ashley graduated with an aerospace engineering degree from Auburn and a master’s in meteorology from Mississippi State.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • How did Ashley get into meteorology?
  • What is a chief meteorologist?
  • How does Ashley connect with her viewers?
  • What does Ashley do during severe weather?
  • How does Ashley balance a full-time job and motherhood?
  • How does Ashley prepare food for the week for her family with her busy schedule?
  • What are the other businesses that Ashley and her husband own?
  • How did Ashley and her husband get into flipping houses?

Resources In This Episode:

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