Effortless and Elevated Style with Kenzie Welch


This week, Kenzie Welch joins the SavvyCast to share her personal styling expertise. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week on the SavvyCast, fashion guru and styling expert Kenzie Welch joins me to share what every woman needs to know about cultivating a wardrobe and getting dressed. Kenzie offers a variety of styling services such as virtual consultations, personal shopping, and closet cleanouts. She also has a six-part video series MasterClass that helps women find their style, dress for their body types, and build a capsule wardrobe. She has a passion for equipping women to be smarter shoppers and more stylish dressers. In this episode, Kenzie shares everything from the most common mistakes she sees women make, to her savviest styling hacks, to some of her favorite capsule pieces, and much more! 

Who Is Kenzie Welch?

Kenzie is a fashion stylist and content creator based out of Atlanta, Georgian. She has over 15 years of experience working in the fashion and beauty industry. Using her extensive knowledge of style, Kenzie creates content that educates her diverse community on how to shop smart and dress with intention. She is known for her fashion advice, outfit inspiration, beauty tips, and styling makeovers. Her passion is to inspire people and to help them feel less intimidated by fashion. 

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