The Process of Discovering Your Enneagram Type


This week on The Savvy Cast, Jordan Jones joins me to share with listeners how to discover your individual Enneagram number.

Episode At A Glance:

This episode is part two of our Enneagram mini-series! Jordan Jones joins The Savvy Cast to discuss how to discover your Enneagram type. Discovering your enneagram number is a journey that requires self-reflection and research. In this episode, Jordan walks listeners through the basic characteristics of each “type” to help you narrow yours down. 

Who Is Jordan Jones? 

Jordan is an attorney, personality consultant, and avid Auburn fan. As an ENTJ and a recovering Enneagram type 3, he believes that understanding ourselves through the lenses of our personalities helps our relationships flourish. He lives in Thomasville, Georgia, with his wife Annie, where they own The Bookshelf, a local independent bookstore.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • How do I discover my Enneagram “type”?
  • What are the different Enneagram numbers and what makes them unique? 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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