How to Have a Louis Vuitton Look for Less

You can have an authentic piece of recycled Louis Vuitton that give you a Louis Vuitton look (without spending a fortune).

How to Have a Louis Vuitton Look for Less

You may have noticed seeing lots more Louis Vuitton lately~and there is a reason. There is a new trend that is making it possible for anyone~no matter the budget~to have a Louis Vuitton look for less.  

What is Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury brand of handbags that exudes quality (and a high price tag). Louis Vuitton never goes on sale (ever). So the only way to own a real LV is to buy it (new and full price) or used (from a friend or consignment). 

What is the new Louis Vuitton inspired trend?

The new trend is small accessories that have just a touch of Louis Vuitton mixed in with other materials. You’ll find various fabrics, leathers, animal prints, and patterns mixed with recycled LV coated canvas. 

What is recycled Louis Vuitton?

Recycled (repurposed or up cycled) Louis Vuitton is real Louis Vuitton coated canvas (with the monogram or logo)  taken from previously owned purses or luggage and used on new handmade items. The recycled portion of an authentic LV gives just a touch of “real Louis Vuitton” to items that are affordable to anyone.

What type of Recycled Louis Vuitton products are available?

I’ve seen myriad recycled Louis Vuitton products, from key chains to belt buckles to purses and more. One of the coolest ones I’ve seen lately is an Apple watch band. I also saw a large piece of luggage that was absolutely gorgeous.

How much do recycled Louis Vuitton pieces cost?

I’ve seen gorgeous pieces for less than $50 and for more than $300.  You can definitely find recycled Louis Vuitton gifts for anyone~from graduates to moms to girlfriends and beyond. 

Are recycled Louis Vuitton pieces pretty and classy?

I’ve loved all the pieces I’ve seen so far.  Two of my friends have some really cool recycled LV pieces. One has an Apple watch band; the other has a large piece of luggage. My daughter has an adorable recycled LV wristlet, and my mother-in-law has a leopard print/LV leather clutch. All of these are #fabulous and make great gifts.

Are recycled Louis Vuitton pieces high quality?

 In the photo below, I show my daughter’s real LV keychain alongside her recycled LV piece. There is no comparison. The real LV is all coated canvas and high quality (and cost right t $510 with tax). The recycled piece is cute, but it is probably not going to last longer than a year. The authentic piece will last much longer than the recycled one.

How to Have a Louis Vuitton Look for Less

Where can I buy Recycled Louis Vuitton products?

In Birmingham, South Boutique at The Summit has a great selection of recycle LV products. I also link below to some online retailers that have a good selection as well. I also linked to a few “real Louis Vuitton” items that are basically consigned.

What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton? These recycled pieces? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed and savvy day! XoXo



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  1. The leather that you are referring and showing in your photos is not leather, it’s coated canvas. So. Many people are confused by this. The lv monogram is not later at all, nor is the Damier azur or ebene the original pattern. The only leather on the bags is the vachetta leather that is used to naked the handles or straps.

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