Let’s Talk Enneagram 7 “The Enthusiast”


Mazie Girvin joins The SavvyCast to talk about being an Enneagram 7, also known as The Enthusiast.

enneagram 7 Mazie Girvin

Mazie Girvin shares what it is like being an enneagram 7 (wing 8). Enneagram expert Jordan Jones compares Mazie to his enneagram 7 grandfather, Paul T. (Jamie’s father-in-law).

Mazie Girvin and Paul T.~Two Classic Enneagram 7’s

Jordan’s grandfather (and my father-in-law), affectionately known by all as Paul T., is a classic enneagram 7. Although he was not on this episode, Jordan and Jamie weigh in on traits they have seen in him throughout the years. Some of these are striking in similarity to those traits you will hear as you listen to Mazie.

Two Enneagram 7’s~Two Similar Childhoods

Jordan and Jamie share how Paul T. was raised by “church ladies” as his widowed father tried to make a living. He was often left alone for hours to read books while his father worked. Although this seems sad to many, Paul T. does not consider it a hard childhood; instead, he sees the bright side.

Mazie’s mother was diagnosed with cancer when Mazie was young. Subsequently, Mazie was sent to a Catholic boarding school and later to extended family where she was one of a hoard of cousins. Like Paul T., she reframes this in a positive light, thinking fondly of the nuns and finding the bright side.

Enneagram 7’s Reframe Negatives Into Positives

Jordan shares a hilarious incident with Paul T. that any other number might consider a “nightmare” but which Paul T. considered an “experience.” Similarly, Mazie parented her girls with an “adventure mindest.” When they got lost or things went awry, the negative was reframed to be positive.

Enneagram 7’s are Delightful and So Fun

Listening to Mazie and listening to Jordan and Jamie talk about Paul T. will shed some light onto the delightful, fun, positive and energetic nature of 7’s.  If you wish to contact Mazie, Paul T. or Jordan, emails are below.

  • Mazie Girvin is an entrepreneur, mentor mom, and expert projector with her husband David. They reside in Albany, N.Y. Her daughter Alexis talks being an enneagram 4 in this episode of The SavvyCast. Mazie’s email is wellnesslogic@gmail.com.
  • You can follow Jordan on Twitter @fifthletterllc 
  • or contact him at fifthletterllc@gmail.com for seminars, retreats, and events.

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