This Skillet Breakfast Sandwich Is A Great Breakfast Idea

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Nothing is better to start your day than with a filling and delicious breakfast! In order to stay full and satisfied until your next meal, this skilled breakfast sandwich is packed with all the essentials, protein, good fats, and nutritious bread!

Besides having all the nutrients you need, this breakfast sandwich is also super easy to make. Your easy breakfasts shouldn’t be boring, and this one is the perfect solution. I’m always trying to find breakfast options that mix it up and can keep me full for longer. Give it a try, you’ll love it!

Is this skillet breakfast sandwich healthy?

Absolutely! This breakfast sandwich has everything you need without too many extra calories or carbs. The eggs, bacon, and cheddar provide some protein while also supplying some healthy fats. This sandwich also has sautéed peppers and onions to give you your daily serving of veggies High protein and the addition of fiber into your breakfast is helpful to keep you full, this breakfast has all that!

skilled breakfast sandwich

What bread do I use for a skillet breakfast sandwich?

I use Dave’s Killer Bread for my skillet breakfast sandwich. I highly recommend this bread and you should be able to find it at any grocery store. This bread is whole grain and has more protein and fiber than normal white bread. If you are trying to eat healthier, this bread is such a good swap for traditional bread! It is also SO delicious and works so wonderfully with this skillet breakfast sandwich. 

What veggies should I use in a breakfast sandwich?

For this skillet breakfast sandwich, I use peppers and onions that I saute. I used frozen diced onion and fresh peppers that I cut myself. If you’re in rush, it is super convenient to use frozen veggies as opposed to fresh ones. It is easier and it tastes just as delicious! You can do whichever works best for you. You can always mix it up and add your favorite veggies instead, whatever you use will surely be delicious! 

How long should I cook the bread?

I like to add a little bit more butter into the pan and toast the bread until it gets a little bit golden brown and crispy. Once it does, I then assemble the breakfast sandwich and let it cook for a little longer to make sure the cheese is melted and the bread is crispy. I would recommend cooking the bread a little bit before you add the egg and cheese to assure that your bread isn’t soggy when you’re trying to assemble your sandwich.

Can I prepare some of this beforehand?

Yes, you can easily prepare some of the ingredients for this skillet breakfast sandwich beforehand. One super easy way to prepare this beforehand is to have pre-diced veggies frozen and ready to be added to the skillet. Dicing some veggies and freezing them will save you a lot of time when you are making this sandwich. Another thing that I like to do to make this process faster is to make bacon beforehand and store it in the fridge so I can just crumble it into the omelet. This will also save you a ton of time. 

How can I make this skillet breakfast sandwich recipe my own?

There are so many ways to make this recipe perfectly crafted to what you like. For example, you can use ham or breakfast sausage instead of bacon. You can also always switch up the veggies and use whatever you prefer. There are so many things you can add to this recipe and SO many ways to make it just as delicious. 

Let me know how you enjoy this fabulous dish in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Be blessed and stay savvy!!!

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Skillet Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 2 red peppers
  • 1/2 cup of diced onions (I used frozen for convenience)
  • Butter and salt
  • Crumbled bacon (I used frozen bacon that I made ahead of time)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 slices of Dave's Killer Bread
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese


    1️⃣Chopped 2 red peppers
    2️⃣Add about 1/2 cup of diced onions (I used frozen for convenience)
    3️⃣Sautéed peppers and onions with butter in the skillet and sprinkled salt on top
    4️⃣Add crumbled bacon to skillet (I used frozen bacon that I made ahead of time)
    5️⃣Beat 2 eggs
    6️⃣Add eggs to skillet to make an omelet
    7️⃣Once the omelet was complete, I cleaned off my skillet and set the omelet aside
    8️⃣Added butter to skillet and toasted 2 slices of @daveskillerbread
    9️⃣Sprinkle cheddar on top of the toast
    🔟Add omelet to the toast to make sandwich and enjoy!

Nutrition Information
Yield 1 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 716Total Fat 44gSaturated Fat 20gTrans Fat 1gUnsaturated Fat 21gCholesterol 465mgSodium 1740mgCarbohydrates 44gFiber 5gSugar 18gProtein 37g



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