Your New Favorite Shoes for Spring 2024

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Calling all shoe lovers! This week Maggie Timbrook joins me to discuss shoe trends for spring 2024. 


Episode At A Glance:

This week on The SavvyCast, Maggie Timbrook of Gus Mayer joins me to talk about one of my very favorite topics- shoes! Gus Mayer is my absolute favorite place to shop for shoes, and Maggie is a shoe expert. In this episode, we discuss shoe trends for 2024, and Maggie shares her expert insight on what will be trending this year. If you are a shoe fanatic like me, or if your collection could just use a few spring updates, this episode is sure to delight! 

Questions Answered In This Episode:

  • What are your must-buy shoes for 2024?
  • What shoe trends can we expect to see this year?
  • Are neutrals or bright colors more on trend for this season? 
  • What is a great everyday spring shoe? 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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