A Favorite Foodie Friend: KMarie Kitchen

Along with being one of my favorite foodie friends, Katrina Adams is an extremely talented entertainer and cook. She is the creator of “In the Kitchen with K Marie,” where she aspires to bring out the “domestic diva” in everyone! 

The Episode At A Glance: 

This week Katrina Adams and I discussed her love for cooking and entertaining, as well as our favorite kitchen items and recipes! Katrina shared her cooking inspirations, which include her large family as well as other cooking influencers. If you love food, cooking, or entertaining, you are sure to find inspiration from this episode! 

 Katrina Adams shared her favorite recipes and cooking inspirations in this episode.

What Is “In The Kitchen With K Marie”? 

“In the Kitchen with K Marie” is a blog started by Katrina Adams for her passion for cooking and entertaining. Katrina’s passion for event planning, cooking, baking, and entertaining started early. As a little girl, Katrina watched her grandmother, mother and aunts prepare meals with love and passion. These passions help birth Cooking with K Marie. The mission of her blog, “In the Kitchen with K Marie” is to bring out the domestic diva in all ladies and help everyone know the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Questions We Answered: 

  • How did she discover her love and talent for cooking?
  • How coming from a large family inspired her love for cooking?
  • What are her specialty things to make?
  • What do people normally ask her to make the most?
  • Who are her favorite social media influencers for cooking?
  • Where are her favorite places to dine out?
  • What are some of her must-have kitchen appliances?

K Marie’s Most Popular Recipes: 

Resources We Discussed: 

Connect With Katrina Adams:

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