My Scoop on Perfect Rice, Prada (Look) Boots, and Hiring a Private Investigator (Podcast)

This week, I’m sharing how to make perfect rice every time, the Prada look booties I’m hoping are comfy, and my podcast on why hiring a Private Investigator might backfire.

how to make perfect rice

How to Make Perfect Rice

I make perfect rice thanks to this aroma rice cooker. It works for me. Every. Single. Time. Tips for using it.

  • Keep the rice measure in a safe place.  It is what you use to measure rice to jive with the cooker.
  • Basmati is my fave for all purpose, perfect rice for bowls.  It (long grain) isn’t sticky like white (short grain) can be.
  • Use the Aroma to make this French Onion Brown Rice (a healthy version of church lady rice lol).
  • The delay timer is FAB. You can throw rice & liquid in the cooker and press DT to equal how many hours’ til rice is done.

In the short video below, I show how I make the perfect basmati rice. I make this every time we enjoy making bowls with this white chili chicken.




Prada Look Bootie
On order in off white

Prada (Look) Booties I’m Loving

I’ve ordered these streamlined, square tone, minimalist look booties in off white. These are Calvin Klein, a brand I never really look for or buy. But when I stumbled upon these, I fell in love. One reviewer referred to their  “Prada look,” and I agree. If they are comfy (my requirement), I’ll be ordering them in the russet also. Stay tuned.

Scroll through to see where to buy the boots. I also link to the shirtdress that came in yesterday from Saks. It was a splurge, but it is one of those classic shirt dresses (but with the sass of animal print) that I’ll wear until it falls apart.  Note: Saks is offering a gift card with purchase (I got $35). And I did save 11% using Rakuten. You can sign up for Rakuten here.


hiring a private investigator

Why Hiring a Private Investigator May Backfire

Years ago, Dr. Joe Beam shared his take on whether hiring a PI (to investigate a possibly cheating spouse) was a good idea. This week, Joe joined me on The SavvyCast Podcast to share once again on this topic.

Joe offers VERY good advice. You can listen to the podcast or read his thoughts in this blog post~Advice from a Marriage Expert on Hiring a Private Investigator. You can also listen below:

If you are a podcast listener, I’d love your thoughts on The SavvyCast podcast, as well as any suggestions for future topics. If you are so inclined, I’d be grateful if you would rate, review and subscribe on ITunes!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Next week will be my gift guide post (and the Rakuten gift card). Be Blessed!!!

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