These Cheesy Biscuits Will Be the Main Attraction of Any Southern Table

These cheesy biscuits will be the main attraction of any Southern table, from a family breakfast to a shower brunch to a full blown Southern style buffet.

These Cheesy Biscuits Will Be the Main Attraction of any Southern Table
Callie’s Cheese & Chive Biscuits Copycat Recipe

Biscuits are the epitome of true Southern fare. I am of the opinion that a plain biscuit is a good thing; a cheesy biscuit is a better thing:-).

If you entertain, a good cheesy biscuit is perfect for a breakfast or brunch. Some hostesses set up “biscuit buffets” with assorted spreads (i.e. chicken salad, pimento cheese) and meats (i.e. BBQ, pork tender) for lunch and dinner events.

These Cheesy Biscuits Will Be the Main Attraction of any Southern Table
Photo: Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Favorite Store Bought Cheesy Biscuit: If you want to buy not bake, try my favorite cheesy biscuit~ Callie’s Charleston Biscuit’s Cheese & Chive. These are in the freezer case at select grocers (I buy mine at The Fresh Market) and are outstanding.

Favorite Cheesy Biscuit Recipes:

My first favorite is this Callie’s Cheese & Chive Biscuits copycat recipe. I’ve made these with great results, and I am not a great biscuit baker. If you love baking, you’ll love this recipe.

Another favorite is Palmetto Cheese Drop Biscuits made from Palmetto Farms pimento cheese. They are super easy to make and always a hit.

This pimento cheese cornbread is another fave recipe I make using Palmetto Farms cheese. I make this dozens of times during fall and winter to go with soup & chili. (I know I am veering from biscuits to cornbread, but trust me, it is worth the mention:-)

A Savvy Suggestion: If you or your spouse is a corporate gift giver during the holidays, you can’t go wrong sending a Callie’s gift box. We got a huge one last year from a client of Zane’s, and I was in biscuit heaven for months. I made a mental note to think of this the next time I need to send a mail order gift to someone who has everything. (This is not a sponsored post~just a little side note I thought I’d share:-)

If you ever need a cheesy biscuit, I hope one or both of these recipes comes in handy. If so, please let me hear from you in the comments. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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