The Desserts, Sweaters, and Velvet Pumpkin Decor I am Loving for Fall 2021.

Here are the desserts, sweaters, and velvet pumpkin decor that I am loving for Fall 2021!

velvet pumpkin decor

Here are My Favorite Fall Desserts

My Fall dessert faves feature apples and pumpkin.  This skillet apple crisp a la mode is the easiest by far, and it is heavenly. If you have a paper grocery bag, you can use it to make this insanely yummy paper bag apple pie. If you want to make either of these super easy, you can buy bags of already cut apples. I prefer Granny Smith apples for both of these desserts, as the tart apples are balanced by the sugar. 

apple crisp a la mode


If you need a pumpkin bread that will delight one and all try My Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe that Make 2 Loaves. This is literally the yummiest pumpkin bread I’ve ever had. The fact that it makes two loaves is even better. I make one to eat and one to freeze (or give away).

Watch me make my pumpkin bread.

In the short video below, you can see how I make my pumpkin bread.

My favorite sweaters for transitioning into Fall.

I love a good sweater, and turtlenecks are my go-to. When I find a cut-out or cold shoulder style sweater, I buy it every time. For some reason, I think a simple, modest cut out takes a sweater from simple to standout. Below are the sweaters that I’ve just bought for my Fall closet.

Velvet Pumpkins: My Fave Fall Centerpiece

If you want to use pumpkins for Fall decor, I share how I do it in the post, How to Use velvet or real pumpkins for absolutely stunning Fall decor. I even link to the fabulous velvet pumpkins that I purchased for 2021. They are the prettiest I’ve ever seen; one is even an animal print!!!!

Fall Glam Decor: White Velvet Pumpkins with Gold Stems


What are your Fall faves? If you have some you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed and savvy Fall. XoXo

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  1. Hi. I can’t find the link for the white, wavy bowl containing your vegetable medley that you mentioned on stories

  2. Hi Jennifer! The bowls like mine used to be sold at Leaf & Petal in Birmingham, but they no longer carry them. If I find out any more info, I will let you know. Do you live in Bham?

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