20 Of My Favorite Items At Trader Joe’s

As many of you know, Trader Joe’s is one of my FAVORITE places to shop! In this episode, I share my top 20 tried-and-true favorite items. 

Episode At A Glance: 

If you are familiar with the blog or my Instagram, you know how much I LOVE Trader Joe’s. From fresh produce to a great frozen section to snacks, meat, and even flowers, there is so much to try -and love- there! However, it can be a little overwhelming if you do not know where to begin. In this episode, I share my all-time favorite Trader Joe’s finds. Whether you have never darkened the door of a Trader Joe’s or are there several times a week, I hope this episode inspires you to try something new! 

My Top 20 Favorites:

Below are 20 of my favorite items from Trader Joe’s, organized by category. 

From The Produce Aisle: 

  • Mirepoix
  • Steamed Lentils
  • Organic Tomato and Roasted Red pepper soup – I use this and the steamed lentils in my Healthy & Yummy Tomato Lentil Soup. By using these items, you will have a delicious lentil soup in just 20 minutes! 
  • Shelled Edamame
  • Southwestern Chopped Salad
  • Cruciferous Crunch
  • La Petite Carrots of Many Colors – These are perfect for my Fork Tender London Broil Mississippi Roast
  • Basil
  • Cilantro


  • Burrata Cheese

From The Frozen Section: 

  • Extra Fine French Green Beans 
  • Mexican Style Roasted Corn
  • Cauliflower Gnocchi 



  • Quinoa Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips
  • Chipotle Black Bean Dip
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate


  • Butcher’s Shop Trader Joes Boneless Pork Tenderloin- Jeff Macaravech shared his delicious Coffee Rubbed Pork Tenderloin recipe on the podcast this summer. It is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious new way to serve a classic tenderloin!
  • Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage

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