24 of the Best Barbecue Recipes (Including Sides, Sauces and Desserts)

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Here are 24 of the BEST barbecue recipes, including sides, sauces, and desserts, to make your next BBQ a hit with family and friends!

Boston Butt Pulled Pork OVen

What meats are good to serve at a BBQ?

The options are endless, and the more tender the meat the better! From pork to beef to chicken, here are a few recipes that are perfect for any BBQ. If you’re not savvy with a grill, don’t worry. Most of these recipes can made in the oven.

What are the best BBQ sauces for pork & chicken?

In the South, BBQ is all about the sauce. Whether you want to make your own sauce or find a yummy store-bought sauce, here are some of my suggestions:

  • Alabama white sauce– This is my personal favorite. Big Bob Gibson Original White Sauce is a great store-bought option. If you want to make it yourself, then you can find the recipe here.
  • Sweet & smokey red BBQ sauce– Bull’s Eye Barbecue Sauce is not only my favorite store-bought option but also was Cook’s Illustrated’s choice for best store-bought BBQ sauce. If you to make your own, here is the recipe.
  • Rodney Scott’s vinegar BBQ sauce– If you like Eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce, then you will love this spicy, acidic flavor.

What sides go with barbecue?

The sides are just as important as the meat. Here are a few quick and delicious side options for your next BBQ:

vinegar slaw for barbecue

What desserts are good to serve at a BBQ?

Finally, we have to finish it off with something sweet! You can never go wrong with a classic Southern dessert to conclude a good cookout. 

the best cherry cobbler with buttermilk

I hope that you enjoy these recipes for your next barbecue, and if you enjoyed any in particular, please let me know in the comments below. Be blessed and stay savvy!

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