How to Feed a Crowd with my Family Favorite Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe


Chicken Tetrazzini is one of my favorite Southern comfort foods to make for a crowd! This week, I share instructions and tips for making my version of this popular dish.

Episode At A Glance:

This week, I am sharing my best tips and tricks for preparing my Chicken Tetrazzini, one of my most popular recipes. Sometimes it is helpful to “talk through” a recipe like you would on the phone with a friend! In this episode you will find tips on how to make this ahead of time, my favorite ingredients to use, as well as the best side dishes to serve it with. 

chicken tetrazzini

Questions Answered In This Episode:

  • Can this dish be made ahead?
  • How should I freeze chicken tetrazzini?
  • What shredded cheese do you recommend? 
  • What sides should I serve this with?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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